Putting the dot back in HK
A deep dive into HK's "not-for-profit" internet domain registry reveals appalling governance, over-charging, continuing conflicts of interests and a severe case of corporate obesity. In late 2015, having hoarded enough cash to run the registry for 9 years, the Government-controlled board reversed a fee cut, losing a quarter of registered domains over the next 3 years, while seeking ways to squander the surpluses on mission-creep rather than return the cash to users. There is a better way. (25-Apr-2019)
Stop the .HK Takeover
Webb-site.com issues an urgent appeal to members of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corp, to attend the EGM on Saturday morning and prevent the unjustified Government takeover of the dot-HK domain registry. If User members vote to slash their own board representation, they will be surrendering democracy and opening the registry to potential political interference. (19-Aug-2008)

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