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Nagacorp controller's dealings
A recent court case highlights the dealings of Chen Lip Keong, controlling shareholder of Cambodian casino firm Nagacorp (3918). Given his numerous outside interests, and the ongoing pledges of shares, investors should be concerned about how much debt he might be carrying and the risk that he may need to, or be forced to, sell part or all of his stake in Nagacorp. (28-Jan-2011)
Chen Lip Keong (Nagacorp CEO) v Evolution Master Fund Ltd: costs
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Jan-2011
Chen Lip Keong (Nagacorp CEO) v Evolution Master Fund Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 6-Dec-2010
Gary Drew Douglas and Chow Kam Wah demand redemption of convertible notes in Ruyan (0329)
Company announcement, 11-Jun-2010
The notes were originally issued to Evolution Master Fund Ltd Segregated Portfolio M, BOCI Financial Products Ltd and Northwest China Opportunities Fund.
China Vanguard's Grand Promise
China Vanguard (8156) bought an asset from its controlling shareholder at 6.5 times the price at which China Motion (0989) turned it down. Now it is struggling to redeem convertible bonds the target issued to Goldman Sachs and Evolution Capital. We also query a year-end HK$139m cash outflow to buy a company which was once owned by the controlling shareholder, with negative net assets. Finally we look at a pending acquisition by Aptus, its subsidiary. (10-Dec-2009)

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