Qunxing Paper Holdings Company Limited 群星紙業控股有限公司

Court orders Qunxing Paper (3868, delisted) & ex-directors to compensate investorsJudgment
SFC, 7-Feb-2018
SFC v Qunxing Paper (3868)
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Jun-2014
SFC seeks court orders to compel disclosure by Qunxing Paper’s chairman and vice-chairman
SFC, 4-Apr-2014
The SFC seeks to follow the paper trail regarding Qunxing's main PRC subsidiary.
SFC v Qunxing Paper (3868)
HK Court of First Instance, 4-Apr-2014
"For completeness, I should say that I am not impressed by Mr Zhou’s evidence given the complete lack of documentary support. Neither am I convinced by his explanation as to why he is not in a position to produce any such document."
SFC calls in the receivers on Qunxing Paper (3868)
SFC, 31-Mar-2014
It emerges that the main subsidiary quietly went into bankruptcy restructuring a month ago.
Qunxing Paper (3868): mass resignations
Company announcement, 21-Mar-2014
Amazingly, simultaneously 3 EDs quit due to "personal commitments on his other business", 1 NED quit "due to her other personal commitments", and 2 of the 3 INEDs quit "to be more focused on his other work engagement".
Court varies interim injunction against Qunxing Paper
SFC, 23-Jan-2014
SFC v Qunxing Paper (3868)
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Jan-2014
Court continues interim injunction to freeze assets of Qunxing Paper (3868)
SFC, 20-Dec-2013
SFC v Qunixing Paper (3868)
HK Court of First Instance, 20-Dec-2013
Qunxing Paper (3868): SFC searches premises, court freezes assets
Company announcement, 15-Dec-2013
Qunxing Paper "decides" to commission a further investigation report
Company announcement, 2-Nov-2011
Qunxing Paper (3868): KMPG disclaims audit opinion
Company announcement, 31-Mar-2011
"We identified inconsistencies between...the Group's accounting records...and independently obtained information" from customers and suppliers."documents contained in the Group's accounting records relating to some of the Group's bank transactions may not be authentic or otherwise reliable."
Qunxing Paper (3868) issues unlisted warrants to unknown personSDI filing
Company announcement, 14-Jan-2011
The subscriber is a BVI company, Victory Asset Management HK Limited, the owner of which is not disclosed. Update: a disclosure of interest shows the owner is one "Wang Ruiyun".
Qunxing Paper does 7,403 for 308,370 bonus issue
Company announcement, 7-May-2010
The company portrays this as a scrip "dividend", but in practice it is just a pointless bonus issue and a waste of time, money and paper. But after all, they are in the decorative paper business!

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