AV Concept (0595) "clarifies" shareholdings
Company announcement, 30-Dec-2019
Importantly, Chairman So Yuk Kwan increased his holding by 25m shares (3.23%) "in June 2017", when the shares were "held by a friend" on trust. This appears to breach the Creeper Rule of 2% per year, triggering a mandatory general offer at the highest price paid in the prior 6 months. It may relate to a disposal by Central Investments Ltd on 8-Jun-2017, at an undisclosed price. The adjusted highest known price paid by Mr So in the 6 months prior was $0.4917 ($0.59 before a bonus issue).
Central Investments Ltd disposes of 25m shares (3.23%) of AV Concept (0595)
Disclosure of interest, 8-Jun-2017
The filing fails to disclose the price. The seller's owner, one Man Kin Fung, has failed to make a filing of his/her own reduction of interest.
Central Investments Ltd acquires 8% of AV Concept (0595)Disposal filing
Disclosure of interest, 21-Feb-2017
The filing fails to disclose the price. It states that one "Man Kin Fung" owns 100% of Central Investments Ltd. He/she has failed to file a disclosure of interest. The filing matches a disposal filing by Koh Business Groups Pte Ltd, which subscribed for the shares in Dec-2014.
AV Concept (0595) issues 61.836m shares (8.00%) to Koh Business Groups Pte Ltd
Company announcement, 19-Dec-2014
The subscription price of $0.401 per share is a 19.96% discount to the 5-day average market closing price.

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