HK Government has no power to suspend school classes
As class suspensions drag into a third month, we look at who exactly is responsible. Surprise: it's not the Government, which can only advise, and it's now time for schools and their governing bodies to take the lead and learn from the parallel case of Singapore, where schools have remained open without causing an outbreak. We also call on HK to ban non-resident arrivals, and look at what other countries must do, or suffer, to get COVID-19 under control. (22-Mar-2020)
ESF shocker hits hopefuls
HK Standard, 4-Sep-2013
The shocker is that ESF wasn't charging what the market will bear in the first place. German Swiss International School charges HK$2800, by the way.
LegCo Question on ESF Nomination Rights Scheme
HK Government, 31-Oct-2012
"The ESF is an established and valued member of our school system. Review of the subvention should be based on a holistic perspective of the entire school system and the position of the ESF therein, taking into account the arrangements for other schools which operate in a like-fashion. We have informed the ESF that the existing recurrent subvention should be phased out gradually. This notwithstanding, we have also reiterated that the subvention review will not prejudice the interests of the existing students before any new subvention arrangement takes effect."

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