SFC v Cheng Chak Ngok & MMTSFC announcement
HK Court of Appeal, 10-Sep-2018
The court rules that the MMT, chaired by Garry Tallentire, was "plainly wrong when it found that Mr Cheng had not engaged in market misconduct by insider dealing" in China Gas (0384) shares, because it had applied a criminal standard of proof (beyond reasonable doubt) rather than the civil standard (on a balance of probabilities). The court sends the matter back to a differently constituted MMT panel.
MMT finds no insider dealing by Mr Cheng Chak Ngok in China Gas (0384)
SFC, 24-Mar-2017
SFC takes former ED of ENN Energy (2688) to MMT for alleged insider dealing
SFC, 25-Jul-2016
Li Xiao Yun & Xu Ying v China Gas (0384)
HK Court of Appeal, 15-Oct-2015
Li Xiao Yun & Xu Ying v China Gas (0384)
HK Court of First Instance, 8-Mar-2013
The plaintiffs, removed directors of China Gas, win their appeal to exercise their options and are awarded cash compensation.
China Gas (0384): Futian procuratorate decides not to prosecute Liu Ming Hui & Huang Yong
Company announcement, 25-Jul-2012
Takeovers Panel requires Offerors for China Gas Holdings Limited to make clarification announcement
SFC, 12-Apr-2012
China Gas (0384): breach of Listing Rules - connected transactions with MD
Company announcement, 12-Sep-2011
China Gas: Li Xiao Yun, Xu Ying & Liu Ming Hui removed as directors
Company announcement, 26-Apr-2011
Chinas Gas: Chairman and Vice Chairman removed...
Company announcement, 4-Mar-2011
"Certain members of the Board believed" that the Chairman and Vice Chairman "did not completely disclose their knowledge of the Incident at the first board meeting convened on 23 December 2010".
China Gas: incident relates to acquisition of Clever Decision Enterprises Ltd
Company announcement, 31-Jan-2011
China Gas MD, President suspected of "embezzlement of assets of an organisation in which they have duties"
Company announcement, 4-Jan-2011
MD and President of China Gas "escorted away..."
Company announcement, 24-Dec-2010
"by certain individuals who claimed that they represented the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau".
China Gas buys 70% of Clever Decision Enterprises Ltd
Company circular, 23-Feb-2004
China Gas buys 70% of Clever Decision Enterprises Ltd for RMB106.242mInterim report, 6 months to 30-Sep-2003
Company announcement, 11-Feb-2004
The vendor is a BVI company, Profit View International Ltd. The owner of the vendor is not disclosed. The other 30% was acquired on 3-Jul-2003 for HK$17m, including the injection of HK$8.56m to CDEL, as shown in note 18(viii) of the interim report for the 6 months to 30-Sep-2003.
Loss-making retailer Fronteer International Holdings has renamed itself (again) to Ltd. The problem is, that web domain is a subdomain of, which belongs to someone else. When it comes to the net, some companies just don't get it. (11-Oct-1999)

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