Trio guilty of bribery and disclosing identity of person under ICAC probe
ICAC, 14-Sep-2018
Leung Siu Lun, an ex-Vice President of HSBC's Mong Kok business centre, accepted bribes from Mickey Chu Kong, including hotel nights in Macau and free use of cars, one of which was parked in a Wilson car park supervised by his mother. When the ICAC came looking for parking records, she tipped off Leung.
Trio in court for bribery and disclosing identity of persons under ICAC probe
ICAC, 12-May-2017
Leung Siu Lun, a former vice president of HSBC at its Mong Kok business centre, is accused of taking bribes for credit facilities, including 3 nights in Macau, 1 in Guangzhou, a TV games console, a cash gift and a coffee machine together worth HK$15k.

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