Singhal, Shelly Sean

Shelly Sean Singhal, Dennis L. Pelino & Loretta Fredy Bush sentenced
US Department of Justice, 30-Apr-2013
Former Xinhua Finance execs plead guilty to conspiracy to impede IRS
US Department of Justice, 19-Feb-2013
Former CEO and 2 directors of Xinhua Finance indictedSBI, E2 and Xinhua Finance
US Department of Justice, 10-May-2011
See our article of 18-May-2010 which correctly identified Singhal and Xinhua Finance as the subject of this investigation, which has now led to charges against Bush and Pelino.
Former CEO of Aztec Oil & Gas Inc pleads guilty to obstruction of justice in Shelly Singhal case
US Department of Justice, 22-Feb-2011
SBI, E2 and Xinhua Finance
We reveal how a mini-investment bank was assembled and injected into two listed companies at great expense to them, then gradually sold off, and how at least some of the SFC-regulated firms came under the ownership of someone who now faces criminal charges in the USA in relation to newsletter stock promotion schemes for companies which include the first Chinese company to list in Japan. (18-May-2010)
Shelly Singhal indicted in connection with a US$10m scheme to defraud and securities fraud
US Department of Justice, 27-Apr-2010
Melissa A Mahler pleads guilty to making false statement in connection with securities fraud investigation
US Department of Justice, 8-Jan-2010
Robert Steven Brown pleads guilty to obstruction of justice, Jukka Tolonen forfeits US$500k
US Department of Justice, 3-Nov-2009

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