Bokhary, Amina Mariam

Secretary for Justice v Amina Mariam Bokhary
HK Court of Appeal, 11-Mar-2011
Bokhary drive ban extended
HK Standard, 12-Jan-2011
Heat on high-flier for airport slap
HK Standard, 30-Dec-2010
Apparently not as bad as slapping a cop then.
Prison smalls get Amina knickers in a twist
HK Standard, 29-Dec-2010
Bokhary jailed for six weeks
HK Standard, 24-Dec-2010
Bokhary breaches probation terms
HK Standard, 23-Dec-2010
HKSAR v Simon Richard Paul Durrant
HK Court of First Instance, 20-Sep-2010
A magistracy case, for "minor scratches" of a police officer, which attracted a 6-week jail term.
That's tough
HK Standard, 15-Sep-2010
Furor over Bokhary `unhelpful'
HK Standard, 12-Aug-2010
Police back officers over Bokhary civil action
HK Standard, 10-Aug-2010
300 march against slapping sentence
HK Standard, 9-Aug-2010
Cop-slapper gets jail
A niece of a top judge and of a cabinet member received a non-custodial sentence for her third assault on a police officer. The magistrate cited mitigating factors the relevance of which we do not see. Webb-site notes that five weeks earlier, another judicial relative of the cop-slapper upheld a jail sentence on a man with a clean record for the same offence. (4-Aug-2010)
Police uproar over light sentence for judge's niece
HK Standard, 4-Aug-2010
Slap happy
HK Standard, 3-Aug-2010
Niece of top judge on double cop assault rap
HK Standard, 8-Apr-2010
Niece of judge held for slapping cop
HK Standard, 28-Jan-2010
Sobering times for judges niece
HK Standard, 3-Dec-2008

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