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The Trump Dump: war-gaming the next move against China
The US Administration has so far focused entirely on the trade account, but when the potential for tariffs is exhausted, if not sooner, Trump may start to wonder why US funds have hundreds of billions of dollars invested in stocks and bonds of Chinese state-backed companies, and use OFAC powers to order them to divest. (2-Jun-2019)
Brexit and customs from a HK perspective
Theresa May has pursued 2 conflicting objectives: leaving the customs union; and keeping the UK/EU customs border open. HK people are used to a customs boundary with the rest of China, with no impact on sovereignty. Similarly, Northern Ireland should choose between remaining in the EU customs union post-Brexit with a boundary down the Irish Sea, or leaving the EU customs union and having a hard border with the Republic of Ireland. Only then can the UK or GB have independence in trade negotiations with other countries and deliver a proper Brexit. (17-Dec-2018)
Webb on "Backchat" re G8 meeting, poverty, free trade and climate change
RTHK, 6-Jul-2005

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