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Listing Rules Review Part 5: Rules Roundup
We're almost out of time on the Listing Rules consultation, which closes next Monday, so this final part of our review covers some of the remaining issues from the 176 page document. We look at notifiable transactions, directors' pay and share dealings, connected transactions, battles for control of the board, and the availability of basic corporate documents. (17-Apr-2002)
Listing rules amended to require electronic filing of documents
SEHK, 5-Feb-2002
This includes annual reports, interim reports and circulars sent to shareholders, effective 15-Feb-2002.
SEHK Moves to Web Disclosure
In a long-awaited move advocated by since 1999, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong has announced plans to require full web-based disclosure for main board-listed companies through its web site. We fill in the blanks behind the proposals and note that there is still some way to go with other company filings such as shareholder circulars and reports. (26-Apr-2001)
SEHK hit over data access
HK Standard, 20-Sep-1999
Former investment banker calls for central information warehouse for listed firms.
SEHK Ducks Publication Duty
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, soon to be part of a profit-making listed entity, has proposed that listed companies be required to publish their corporate documents on their own web sites. We see this as a blatant attempt to relinquish responsibility for the centralised publication and storage of information, a responsibility that the Exchange has yet to fulfill. (16-Sep-1999)

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