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Small house, big issueFixing the Small House Policy
South China Morning Post, 14-Oct-2018
David Dodwell mentions the proposals we published in Sep-2014 in "Fixing the Small House Policy". We propose a reverse tender to extinguish a quota of claims of village men descended on the male line from 1898 (and their unborn male descendants or sons under 18 years old). We now call this the Buyout of Indigenous Rights To Houses (BIRTH) scheme. At the same time, the policy should be amended so that all new land leases for village houses can only be transferred to other indigenous men, and cannot be upgraded and flipped into the open market.
Fixing the Small House Policy
We look at a recent court case which again highlights the rampant abuse of the Small House Policy for the New Territories. We propose a return to the original policy intent, creating an internal market for indigenous housing, together with a voluntary, market-based scheme to surrender the claims of indigenous men and their under-age and unborn male descendants. (9-Sep-2014)
Chan Yau v Calvin Chan & Joe Chan Cho Wing
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Sep-2014
Small House Policy II: An Update
Civic Exchange, 24-Apr-2013
An in-depth look at the Small House Problems.
Rethinking the Small House Policy
Civic Exchange, 1-Sep-2003

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