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Webb on "Backchat" re tourism and (second half) the future of authoritarian HK
RTHK, 16-Jul-2021
The discussion took a surprising turn…
HK's hotel subsidy in SimCity
Since 2008, HK has been underpricing land for hotels by selling "hotels only" land leases, failing to optimise development value and incentivising mass-market budget tourism. We urge the Financial Secretary to let the market optimise land use with unrestricted leases, and to reform the land lease system with higher ground rents and lower premiums. (23-Jan-2014)
CEDB statement on report related to Individual Visit Scheme
HK Government, 18-Sep-2013
LCQ: Entry arrangements for visitors from Mainland and Taiwan
HK Government, 10-Dec-2008
Milestone for 'individual visit' scheme
HK Government, 31-May-2004
HK welcomes 2 millionth individual visitor from Mainland
HK Government, 31-May-2004
Individual visit scheme extended to 9 more more cities
HK Government, 20-Apr-2004
Tourism industry set for dramatic growth
HK Government, 18-Mar-2004
Certificate presented to millionth individual visitor from Mainland
HK Government, 30-Jan-2004
Individual Visit Scheme further extended to six Guangdong cities
HK Government, 30-Dec-2003
LCQ: Mainland residents on business trips to Hong Kong
HK Government, 5-Jan-2000

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