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Ex-PrimeCredit employees jailed for illegal rebates scam
ICAC, 19-Nov-2014
PrimeCredit is ultimately owned by Standard Chartered plc (2888), which has been trying to sell it.
US action against StanChart (2888)
HK Monetary Authority, 20-Aug-2014
Regarding the suspension of USD clearing for "high-risk" retail business clients, the HKMA has no "significant supervisory concerns" and has "required SCBHK to take appropriate actions regarding the affected customers and to minimize possible disruptions to their day to day operations".
StanChart (2888) US$300m penalty and suspension of business for "HK high-risk retail business clients"
NY State Department of Financial Services, 19-Aug-2014
The criteria for what is a "high-risk client" are not disclosed but are agreed between SCB and its monitor. Presumably SCB will carry on offering non-USD clearing services to these clients? The HKMA says it has no "significant supervisory concerns".
HK's outspoken media chiefs are facing growing intimidation
Sydney Morning Herald, 31-May-2014
In this article, Next Media spokesman Mark Simon alleges that HSBC and Standard Chartered have ended their advertising on request from Beijing.
Women on boards flatline. Data
Community Business, 4-Mar-2014
The report shows that women held 9.6% of HSI board positions at 2-Jan-2014. Across all HK-listed boards, Webb-site Who's Who shows the figure at 10.9%. The report is sponsored by Standard Chartered plc (2888), which has 9.5% female directors (2/21). StanChart is also a big sponsor of HK's 30% Club run by the Women's Foundation. "Do as we say and not as we do..."
Crooked bank teller shocks judge
HK Standard, 3-Jan-2013
By knocking off Hang Seng Bank, then going to jail, then getting work at Standard Chartered, where pre-employment procedures may need review. Will he go for the hat-trick?
Standard Chartered reaches final settlement with US authorities
Company announcement, 11-Dec-2012
So there were total sanctions-busting transactions of $24m Iranian and $109m other-countries entities, out of $139 trillion, or about $1 for every $1m processed. On $133m of payments, the revenue would have been tiny. Even at 1%, this would be $1.33m before costs, but the settlements now amount to $667m plus legal costs. This is not so much a settlement as a shake-down.
US Federal Reserve Board $100m action against Standard Chartered
US Federal Reserve Board, 10-Dec-2012
Why $100m exactly? Because humanity counts in base 10.
Standard Chartered deferred prosecution agreement
US Department of Justice, 7-Dec-2012
StanChart (2888) pays US$340m in NY DFS settlement...
Company announcement, 15-Aug-2012
...or "shakedown" in our view. The NY Times reports that the Federal Justice Department was on the brink of deciding not to pursue criminal charges, after concluding that virtually all of the transactions with Iran complied with US law.
Proceedings against Standard Chartered Bank
NY State Department of Financial Services, 6-Aug-2012
This could potentially cripple Standard Chartered's ability to clear US dollar transactions via the USA, but is it just grandstanding by Andrew Cuomo's newly-formed regulator? Why is a US State doing this rather than the US Federal Government?

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