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Ex-HSBC relationship manager and AXA broker charged with HK$500k bribery and fraud
ICAC, 10-Jun-2015
One simple point comes out of this: the brokerage fee AXA pays on a US$2m (HK$15.6m) savings plan is HK$1.24m, or about 8%. We wonder why anyone would buy such inefficient savings vehicles.
Company director gets 30 months for bribery over US$4m bank loan
ICAC, 2-Dec-2014
There once was a man named Zhong, He definitely did something wrong. He offered a bribe to a banker, And now he's in jail, So let's thank her.
HK's outspoken media chiefs are facing growing intimidation
Sydney Morning Herald, 31-May-2014
In this article, Next Media spokesman Mark Simon alleges that HSBC and Standard Chartered have ended their advertising on request from Beijing.
Company director in court for alleged bribe for US$4m loan
ICAC, 17-Jan-2014
Perhaps he thought HK banks work like mainland ones. Fast work by the ICAC - Wednesday he's at the bank, Friday he's in court.
Why did the SFC kill HSBC's Stockmax?
Two years after the SFC shut retail investors out HSBC's automated trading system, an SFC announcement gives some indication of what happened, but still leaves retail investors wondering why a pioneering service which offered potential price improvement and competition for HKEx's monopoly stock market was not allowed. (20-Dec-2013)
US$375m settlement with HSBC
Manhattan District Attorney, 11-Dec-2012
US Federal Reserve Board $165m action against HSBC
US Federal Reserve Board, 11-Dec-2012
US Treasury reaches settlement with HSBC
US Treasury, 11-Dec-2012
US OCC assesses $500m penalty against HSBC
US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, 11-Dec-2012
US FinCEN assesses penalty against HSBC
US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, 11-Dec-2012
HSBC US$1.921bn settlement with authorities
Company announcement, 11-Dec-2012
HSBC deferred prosecution agreement
US Department of Justice, 10-Dec-2012
HSBC's legal case against "Occupy Central" for trespassing
Company submission, 22-Jun-2012
The exhibits include the original leases from 1857 and 1938 on the two plots of land, and the deed of dedication in 1983 followed by the deed of variation in 2006 when they shrunk the public passage area. Webb-site is putting this online in the public interest. (16MB file size).
Selina Kwok Mok Wai-hing v HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA
HK Court of First Instance, 21-Jun-2012
The daughter of the founder of a brokerage unsuccessfully sues HSBC, which estimates that she lost a net US$5.3m on accumulator contracts. The judgment provides an interesting behind-the-scenes narrative of how a bank's salesperson (or "relationship manager") discusses clients.
FSA fines HSBC GBP10.5m for mis-selling products to elderly customers
UK Financial Services Authority, 5-Dec-2011
HSBC's StockMax becomes StockMin
It was a false dawn for retail investors - the SFC has caved in to pressure and amended the license conditions of HSBC's Stockmax Crossing platform to restrict it to "professional investors" only. History will prove them wrong. (14-Aug-2011)
StockMax and competition for HKEx
We look at the implications of HSBC's proposed StockMax dark pool with retail investor participation. It's a wake-up call to the Government, SFC and HKEx that we need to move forward with allowing competition to innovate services both inside and outside HKEx. We propose measures to achieve this while preserving fair and orderly markets. (7-Aug-2011)
SFC fines HSBC Trinkaus Investment Management Ltd HK$3m
SFC, 4-May-2011
...and bans it for 2 years from dealing or advising on OTC structured notes (but presumably this ban does not apply to other subsidiaries of HSBC to which clients could be referred).
US OCC issues cease and desist order against HSBC
US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, 7-Oct-2010
HKEx rights issue & open offer proposals
We need your help! HKEx proposes changes to rules on open offers and rights issues. Some of the changes are against investor interests. HKEx also fails to propose a limit on open offer discounts or to bring the treatment of unsubscribed entitlements up to international standards. Give us your opinions! (7-Sep-2009)
Esquire (Electronics) Ltd v HSBC
HK Court of First Instance, 14-Dec-2005
Judge William Waung recuses himself from the remedy trial on the basis of apparent (but not actual) bias.
Esquire (Electronics) Ltd v HSBC
HK Court of First Instance, 14-Dec-2005
Justice Waung awards costs to the plaintiffs on an indemnity (full) basis.
HSBC voting advice
The 23rd AGM in Project Poll is in London. We urge shareholders to vote against the re-election of Mr William Aldinger and adoption of the remuneration report, as a protest at the obscene compensation arrangements and the $41.3m pay-off involved in Mr Aldinger's non-termination as CEO of Household when HSBC acquired it. (20-May-2003)
Result of EGM (Webb-site.com required a Poll)
Company announcement, 28-Mar-2003
HSBC Compounds the Errors
We show you how HSBC has been compounding the errors in its recent promotional literature for long term savings. (21-Mar-2003)
SFC reprimands HSBC Securities Brokers (Asia) Limited
SFC, 21-Jul-2000
For settlement issues after the HK Government's stock market buying blitz on 28-Aug-1998.

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