Leung, Chun Ying 梁振英

Leung Chun Ying v Chung Kim Wah & Best Pencil (HK) Ltd (dba Stand News)
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Dec-2022
The defamation suit by Mr Leung, former Chief Executive, will now be heard without a jury because nobody paid the required deposit in time.
Why Carrie Lam must go
The "suspension" of the Extradition Bill, which will likely lapse in July 2020, is not the end of an increasing erosion of HK's autonomy. With a rubber-stamp legislature, the only thing that now prevents draconian legislation is massive public pressure. Mrs Lam has irrevocably lost the public trust. Beijing will hold her accountable for the loss of control last week, after a suitable interval to disconnect the issues, but this will not prevent the increasing erosion of HK's autonomy. (16-Jun-2019)
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung
HK Court of Final Appeal, 11-Jun-2019
Appeal unanimously dismissed.
Statement on Leung Chun Ying, Holden Chow Ho Ding & UGL
ICAC, 12-Dec-2018
Apparently the ICAC Operations Review Committee was able to receive a report from the ICAC and legal advice from the DoJ and endorse it all within one day.
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung
HK Court of Appeal, 25-May-2018
Mr Lew is granted leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal on a point of "great and general public importance". The angle appears to be: does the Commissioner of the ICAC have discretion, or is he duty-bound to investigate alleged or suspected offences? Does the CE of HK have the ability to direct or override him? If neither is true, then the argument would be that Mr Lew, by writing to then CE C Y Leung, could not have had any impact on his case, and therefore was not attempting to pervert the course of justice. Lots of ifs. The CFA will now decide.
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung
HK Court of Appeal, 2-Mar-2018
Leave to appeal is refused.
CE & SJ v Yau Wai Ching, Sixtus Leung & LegCo President
HK Court of First Instance, 15-Nov-2016
The summary and judgment in full.
CE & SJ v Yau Wai Ching, Sixtus Leung & LegCo President
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Oct-2016
"there would be significant prejudice caused to the public if Ms Yau and Mr Leung are to be deprived of, in this interim period, to represent their respective electorate in the LegCo" - Justice Thomas Au.
Legislators visit ICAC and the Three Rickies
ICAC, 23-Sep-2016
...and the current ICAC Commissioner Simon Peh "reiterated that ceasing the acting arrangement of an individual officer [Rebecca Li] had absolutely nothing to do with any investigations [of C Y Leung's payments from UGL]". This is getting UGLy.
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung: reasons for verdict (Chinese)
HK District Court, 29-Feb-2016
Lew Mon Hung, ex-Deputy Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632), gets 18 months for perversion
ICAC, 29-Feb-2016
Dream Bear's nightmare.
An audience with HK's leader
The leader of HK has agreed to meet members of the public for 6 hours per week: a historic idea which remains valid. (16-Dec-2015)
Busting HK's road transport cartelsChinese translation
On the day the competition law takes effect, we take a long hard look at the anti-competitive legislation and policies which support a HK$116bn taxi cartel, a $22bn minibus cartel and a $13bn non-franchised bus cartel as well as restricting the hire car market. The Government should scrap all restrictions and franchises, introduce congestion pricing, and allow competition to serve the public interest. (14-Dec-2015)
Beijing's 2020 vision for LegCo
In the past few days, it has become clear how Beijing plans to rig the 2020 LegCo elections to claim "universal suffrage" without losing control. This gives even less reason for legislators to approve Beijing's proposal for the 2017 Chief Executive election. (3-Feb-2015)
Ex-Chief Secretary and 3 others guilty of bribery and misconduct
ICAC, 19-Dec-2014
Now, what about C Y Leung failing to declare or disclose to the Executive Council his GBP4m (HK$50m) payments from UGL?
An aerial tour of HK's monopolies and anti-competitive practices
The slides from a presentation by Webb-site founder David Webb to the Asian Competition Forum at Polytechnic University this morning. When you get to slide 30, click the box to launch the online video. (9-Dec-2014)
Moving on from Occupy to the Central Issue
The protesters have overstayed their welcome in Admiralty. They should withdraw and set a new deadline for C Y Leung to do the right thing: send a new report to the NPCSC, recommending restoring the nomination threshold to 12.5% from 50%. That would achieve free and fair elections without civic nomination. After all, only 305 members of the 1200-member committee nominated him in 2012. A New Year's Day march should celebrate or protest his choice. Sign the petition! (7-Dec-2014)
Response from CMAB on behalf of CE to democracy petition.
2607 people have signed the petition so far, and this is all they get in response. (22-Nov-2014)
C Y Leung to visit democratic Asian country
HK Government, 21-Nov-2014
They say he is visiting "Korea" which we assume means the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and not the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Norh Korea), which of course, like most countries that name themselves Democratic, isn't.
Initial response from CE's office to democracy petition
It's not too late to add your voice - sign the petition now! (6-Nov-2014)
C Y Leung on cartels and politics
YouTube, 3-Nov-2014
Templar's Take
Delivery of petition for HK democracy
Webb-site has today delivered to the CE's Office the petition with the first 2,114 signatures. The realistic and pragmatic petition remains open for signature, so it is not too late to add your voice. The CE has an opportunity to resolve the impasse over constitutional development, move HK forward, and land on the right side of history. (31-Oct-2014)
‘No foreign forces behind Hong Kong protests’, says Legco president Jasper Tsang
South China Morning Post, 30-Oct-2014
...thereby contradicting the claims of Beijing and C Y Leung that the democracy protests are a foreign plot to undermine the one-party state.
Statement by Chief Executive's Orifice
HK Government, 29-Oct-2014
He didn't say "those earning HK$14k a month are not entitled to the rights to make nomination for the election of the Chief Executive", but he did say that if the NC was numerically representative then "you would be talking to half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than $14k a month. Then you would end up with that kind of politics and policies". So the paraphrase is "broadly representative" of his remarks. PR lesson: when you are in a hole, stop digging.
Broadly representative of wealth
C Y Leung tells 3 media from democratic countries that the Nominating Committee should be "broadly representative" of wealthy people, not the general public, who would otherwise wreck the economy, and explains how he has to pander to vested interests in the committee to get elected. Yet the lack of a popular electoral mandate has resulted in populist handouts anyway, as well as wasteful infrastructure spending to favour vested interests. Could a democratically nominated and elected CE really be any worse? We also look ahead to what the students should realistically be asking for tonight. (21-Oct-2014)
Webb-site analysis: C Y Leung lying about 2017 candidacy plans
YouTube, 20-Oct-2014
In last night's TV interview, he claimed that he had never stated an intention to run for re-election in 2017. We prove that his claim is false. Has Beijing told him not to run again?
HK protests: CY Leung 'foreign link' claim denied
BBC, 20-Oct-2014
Conversely, there is no doubt that C Y Leung was funded by foreign interests while in office - £4m from Australia's UGL Limited.
Foreign forces behind protest movement, says C Y Leung
RTHK, 20-Oct-2014
Comment: he is insulting the intelligence and feelings of the protesters by implying that they don't actually want democracy themselves. He should stop parroting the mainland Government and start representing the people of HK.
Newsline interview with C Y Leung
Asia Television, 19-Oct-2014
Unfortunately the interviewer does not ask about the obvious step of returning the nomination threshold to 1/8 from 1/2, within the Basic Law, and allows the CE to suggest that the protesters insist on civic nomination, which the BL does not allow. A fair nomination threshold would resolve the issue.
C Y Leung sought an extra £3m from UGL
Sydney Morning Herald, 16-Oct-2014
It just keeps getting worse, doesn't it?
C Y Leung: we're spending HK$20bn and a vast chunk of land on sports instead of housing
HK Government, 15-Oct-2014
Displaying the Government's economic illiteracy, in a prepared speech he says: "if you divide 7 million into 20 billion, even I can come up with a figure of at least three to four thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in Hong Kong". Um no C Y, that's at least $2857, not $4000. Still a waste though. He says they "did consider using the site instead for housing units". But why do that when you can buy election committee votes from the sports sector as well as the construction sector? It's a win-win proposition.
CE postpones LegCo Q&A on security grounds
HK Government, 15-Oct-2014
Has this man never heard of video-conferencing? He could do it via Skype from his fallout shelter/ Führerbunker. Government business should continue.
Secret £4m payment to C Y Leung agreed to on same day rival bidder trumped UGL offer
Sydney Morning Herald, 14-Oct-2014
Payments to Chief Executive raise new questions in HK
New York Times, 10-Oct-2014
Secret payments to C Y Leung were revealed by anonymous tip on Sunday
Voice of America, 9-Oct-2014
Apparently the document was leaked to the Australian journalists last Sunday (5-Oct-2014).
HK$13.8m buys ‘successful future’ calligraphy by Beijing's top representative in HK
South China Morning Post, 16-Apr-2014
HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung
HK District Court, 19-Nov-2013
Mr Lew's application to stop proceedings is dismissed.
Lew Mon Hung: "Astounding truth will finally be revealed"
HK Standard, 21-Aug-2013
Lew Mon Hung, ex-Dep Chairman of Pearl Oriental Oil (0632) charged with perversion
ICAC, 20-Aug-2013
The latest on C Y Leung's basement
HK Government, 29-May-2013
...or how to avoid a void.
'CY lied'
HK Standard, 25-Jan-2013
Bigger room exposed as CY wall torn down
HK Standard, 30-Nov-2012
CY snubbed home queries
HK Standard, 28-Nov-2012
Albert Ho Chun Yan v Leung Chun Ying
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Oct-2012
Albert Ho Chun Yan v Leung Chun Ying
HK Court of First Instance, 12-Sep-2012
ExCo endorses reorganisation of Government Secretariat
HK Government, 4-May-2012
Note: CY Leung's attempted reorganisation was eventually aborted after failing to obtain LegCo approval.
Tang planned to quit for free speech sake
HK Standard, 22-Mar-2012
Exco disclosure may cost Tang
HK Standard, 21-Mar-2012
Statement by ExCoThe Oaths and Declarations Ordinance, Schedule 2
HK Government, 20-Mar-2012
Either Henry Tang was lying about What C Y Leung said in ExCo, or Henry Tang has breached the Oath of Fidelity taken by Executive Councillors not to reveal the proceedings of ExCo meetings.
DTZ's mystery bidder was China's Tianjin Innovative Financial
Telegraph, UK, 14-Jan-2012
DTZ rejected last-minute £48.8m takeover offer
Telegraph, UK, 6-Jan-2012
C Y Leung "scrapes through"
RTHK, 12-Dec-2011
Note: this article is inaccurate. There were 55 CPPCC candidates for 55 seats, so they were all certain of election. The only reason there was a vote is that in October 2012, the 4 with the fewest votes will leave the Election Committee to make way for the 10 new legislators who will each be ex-officio members of the committee. This only matters if the CE has to be replaced after that date.
Tsang tipped to keep hopes of rival alive
HK Standard, 12-Apr-2005

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