Lee, John Ka Chiu 李家超

Statement by CE John Lee on requesting interpretation of NSL from NPCSC
HK Government, 28-Nov-2022
You might think that having a leading human rights lawyer of his choice would add legitimacy to the goal of locking up Jimmy Lai for life. You'd be wrong. Predictably, within hours of the Court of [Semi-] Final Appeal's dismissal of the SJ's appeal against the admission of overseas counsel, the CE asks for an "interpretation" by the NPCSC. This will be rather awkward for the courts below, having unanimously upheld that it is "clearly in the public interest to admit an overseas specialist as eminent as Mr Owen so that the court will have the best assistance to tackle the formidable task at hand."
HK is running out of time to re-join the World
As our Editor sits in the air-lock waiting to re-enter HK, he looks at the now-unconstitutional quarantine regulations and the harm they are doing to HK. (5-May-2022)
A manifesto for Hong Kong
If you're going to be Chief Executive and you don't have a manifesto or any policy expertise beyond Security, Webb-site is here to help! (13-Apr-2022)
Specially Designated Nationals list update
US Treasury, 7-Aug-2020
Why Carrie Lam must go
The "suspension" of the Extradition Bill, which will likely lapse in July 2020, is not the end of an increasing erosion of HK's autonomy. With a rubber-stamp legislature, the only thing that now prevents draconian legislation is massive public pressure. Mrs Lam has irrevocably lost the public trust. Beijing will hold her accountable for the loss of control last week, after a suitable interval to disconnect the issues, but this will not prevent the increasing erosion of HK's autonomy. (16-Jun-2019)
New team of Principal Officials appointed
HK Government, 21-Jun-2017
3 Under Secretaries and 2 Political Assistants appointed
HK Government, 12-Sep-2012
Senior appointments in Police Force
HK Government, 5-Mar-2010

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