A historic document reveals the date of birth of shipping tycoon C Y Tung, father of HK's first Chief Executive.

Tung Chao Yung, born with the Republic of China (update 3-Oct-2015)
27 September 2015

update 3-Oct-2015

On this holiday weekend, a little bit of history from the UK National Archives. On 28-Dec-1956 in Southampton, England, a Chinese gentleman and his wife boarded the SS United States, which still holds the Atlantic speed record for a liner in passenger service, set in 1952. Bound for New York, they were travelling First Class, of course, and their names were Mr Tung Chao Yung, spelt "Tung Hao Yung" on the passenger list, and Ms Koo Lee Ching.

This reveals, probably based on passports, the date of birth of the shipping tycoon as 10-Oct-1911. By a happy coincidence, given Tung's association with the Kuomintang, this is also the date of the Wuchang Uprising which became the National Day of the Republic of China, still celebrated in Taiwan. He must have had great birthday parties.

This also gives the date of birth of his wife, Koo Lee Ching, 16-May-1915. They were, of course, the parents of HK's first Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa.

Also on that list are American actor Ralph Bellamy and his first wife Alice Delbridge, and diplomat Walworth Barbour, who later became US Ambassador to Israel.

Update, 3-Oct-2015

A reader alerts us to the fact that born on the same day as Tung Chao Yung was veteran war correspondent Clare Hollingworth, now one of HK's oldest residents who will celebrate her 104th birthday in a week's time.

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