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Censure of Trillion Grand (8103) and former directors
SEHK, 29-May-2018
Union Asia (8173) coughs up details of investments at 31-Mar-2017
Company announcement, 18-May-2017
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to SEHK 2 days ago that this information was missing from the annual report. The holdings include 4.71% of eForce (0943), 3.79% of Trillion Grand (8103) and 4.04% of Celebrate (8212). All 4 companies are in what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
Union Asia (8173) coughs up details of investments at 30-Sep-2016
Company announcement, 17-Nov-2016
This follows a Webb-site complaint to HKEX on 14-Nov-2016 and reveals sub-5% holdings in eForce (0943), Trillion Grand (8103), Inno-Tech (8202) and Celebrate (8212), amongst others.
Celebrate (8212) coughs up investment details at 30-Jun-2016.
Company announcement, 3-Oct-2016
This follows a Webb-site complaint on 23-Sep-2016.
Trillion Grand (8103) lends HK$4m to Hero Cross Co LtdClarification announcement
Company announcement, 29-Aug-2016
Another listed company in what we call the "Chung Nam Network" gets into money-lending.
Trillion Grand (8103) to buy property co from Imagi (0585)Imagi announcement
Company announcement, 8-Aug-2016
Funded by a loan from Cordoba Homes, an unlisted company in what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
Tai Shing (8103) changes its name to "Trillion Grand Corporate Company Limited"
Company announcement, 21-Jul-2016
Um, aren't all companies corporate?
Tai Shing (8103) reveals investment stakes and losses
Company announcement, 6-Jul-2016
At 31-Mar-2016, it held 0.3% of Eforce (0943) and 2.4% of Union Asia Enterprise (8173). During the year to 31-Mar-2016, it lost money on GT (0263) and Carnival (0996). All are in what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
Re: Tai Shing (8103)
HK Court of First Instance, 26-Mar-2015
A quite horrendous story.
Ex-chaos trading: Zhongtian proves point
Zhongtian (2379) yesterday demonstrated why we should not trade ex-entitlements before they are approved by shareholders: a 10:1 rights issue at a 97% discount was vetoed. HKEx launched a consultation in December, and we need your support. We also repeat two outstanding problems which HKEx has failed to address, on expropriation of passive shareholders' value, and on the discounts on open offers. (27-Jan-2011)
Mo Yuk Ping & Sally Chung Sau Ling v HKSAR
HK Court of Appeal, 14-Nov-2006
Concentration warning
Company announcement, 17-Aug-2005
Allotment results and concentration warning
Company announcement, 7-Sep-2000

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