Conclusions on ex-entitlement trading and shareholder approvalOur article of 27-Jan-2011
SEHK, 20-May-2011
Hurray! SEHK has done the right thing and is banning ex-entitlement trading before shareholders have approved the entitlement. See our article of 27-Jan-2011 for more - the rights issue the paper refers to in paragraph 3 is probably Zhongtian. Now, we call on SEHK to address the other problems with rights issues and open offers explained in our article.
Ex-chaos trading: Zhongtian proves point
Zhongtian (2379) yesterday demonstrated why we should not trade ex-entitlements before they are approved by shareholders: a 10:1 rights issue at a 97% discount was vetoed. HKEx launched a consultation in December, and we need your support. We also repeat two outstanding problems which HKEx has failed to address, on expropriation of passive shareholders' value, and on the discounts on open offers. (27-Jan-2011)
Zhongtian (2379) shareholders veto 10:1 rights issue at 97% discount
Company announcement, 26-Jan-2011
And here's a classic example of why HKEx should change the rules so that shares don't trade ex-entitlements until the proposal has been approved in shareholders' meeting. Zhongtian's shares went ex-rights on 19-Jan-2011.

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