West Kowloon needs tender care
We urge the board of WKCDA, which was bypassed for months in the planning of the Palace Museum, to put the main architectural services contract out to tender, given that there is still no binding contract with Rocco Yim's company. Let him compete for the work, in line with HK's commitments to free and fair trade under WTO obligations. We estimate the contract size at HK$140m. (6-Feb-2017)
Competition Commission calls on Institutes of Architects and Planners to rectify practices
HK Competition Commission, 28-Nov-2016
The commission notes that the two statutory bodies are exempt from the Competition Ordinance. We note that the exemption of stautory bodies is one of the many holes in this swiss cheese of a law. The bulletin also contains a list of professional bodies which, until recently, had published anti-competitive practices such as fixed fees or had them in their code of conduct.
The architect and surveyor cartels
Webb-site finds written evidence of price-fixing and other anti-competitive practices at the HK Institute of Architects, HK Institute of Landscape Architects and HK Institute of Surveyors. But they do have 1 legislator and 30 seats in the CE's Election Committee, so when will C Y Leung activate the Competition Ordinance? (25-Jan-2015)

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