Chan, Bernard Chi Sze 陳智思

ExCo convenor Bernard Chan calls for private housing price-fixingHK Government invasion of the housing market
South China Morning Post, 30-Aug-2018
He writes: "The government could decide how big flats should be, how many should be public housing, or how much the private ones should cost." That's central planning at its worst. Why not just supply land, provide means-tested public rental vouchers to those in need, and let the free market work for everyone else? See our article "HK Government invasion of the housing market", 2-Jul-2018.
West Kowloon needs tender care
We urge the board of WKCDA, which was bypassed for months in the planning of the Palace Museum, to put the main architectural services contract out to tender, given that there is still no binding contract with Rocco Yim's company. Let him compete for the work, in line with HK's commitments to free and fair trade under WTO obligations. We estimate the contract size at HK$140m. (6-Feb-2017)
Timetable for two
HK Standard, 22-May-2012
Cozying up to CY
HK Standard, 21-Mar-2012
People losing US citizenship in quarter to 30-Jun-2005
US Federal Register, 28-Nov-2006
We note that the list includes Bernard Charnwut Chan, also known as Bernard Chan Chi Sze, President of Asia Financial (0662) who became a member of the HKSAR Executive Council on 12-Oct-2004, which does not permit overseas right of abode. Records show that he became a US citizen on 26-Jul-1989, less than 2 months after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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