Evershine Group Holdings Limited 永耀集團控股有限公司

Evershine (8022) buys 15/F & 16/F of Henan Building from "an individual"
Company announcement, 24-Mar-2016
Evershine is buying 2 BVI companies which own the properties, avoiding 8.5% Double Stamp Duty. It fails to name the vendor, but our records show the companies are owned by Mr Chiu Ngai Hung.
TLT Lottotainment (8022) rolls over HK$37m loan
Company announcement, 27-May-2013
Update: as of 18-Sep-2012, both the previous lender, Gain All Investments Ltd, and the new lender, HEC Finance 92 Ltd, were wholly-owned by HEC Capital Ltd, part of what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
TLT Lottotainment (8022) borrows up to HK$165m from Gain All Investments Ltd
Company announcement, 6-Jun-2012
Update: as of 18-Sep-2012, a BVI company of the lender's name was owned by HEC Capital Ltd, in what we call the "Chung Nam Network". By then, it owned a yacht.
You can call me Dr Sir
We announce the winner of the inaugural Webb-site Award for Ridiculous Titles (WART), and follow a trail which leads to bogus honorary degrees for the dictators of Equatorial Guinea and Gambia. The latter has a special relationship with Hong Kong, one which may surprise you. (23-Mar-2012)
TLT Lottotainment (8022) buys stake in fashion group from Michael Lui Bing Kin
Company announcement, 25-May-2011
TLT Lottotainment (8022) buys 51% of entertainment business from Maria Cordero
Company announcement, 7-Oct-2010
Censure of Company and Executive Directors
SEHK, 26-Aug-2008
SFC executes search warrant under s179 of SFO
Company announcement, 6-Jun-2006
Criticism of Company, Mr Wong Wah Sang, Mr Ronnie Wong Man Chiu & Mr Yeung Wai Hung
SEHK, 6-Apr-2006
Breach of GEM Listing Rules
Company announcement, 8-Apr-2005

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