Re bankrupt Ian Chu Chi Ho
HK Court of First Instance, 21-Jan-2016
Application by money-lenders in what we call the "Chung Nam Network" for the removal of the bankruptcy trustees is dismissed. The trustees have entered into a funding agreement and are looking into "a number of apparently suspicious transactions arising from the relationship of the Bankrupt" with the lenders. Most of the money purportedly borrowed by Ian Chu Chi Ho was paid by the lenders directly HEC Finance 92 Ltd, another company in the network. That was formerly Chung Nam Finance Ltd.
Re bankrupt Ian Chu Chi Ho: application by money lenders to see trustees' funding agreement is dismissed
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Nov-2014
"The majority of the funds borrowed by the Bankrupt were paid by Forefront, Sun Willie and Dragonite directly to HEC Finance without ever being paid to the Bankrupt...Further investigations by the Trustees indicate that the Bankrupt continues to be employed by Seekers Financial" - affirmation of trustee Kenny Wong Kwok Keung.
TLT Lottotainment (8022) rolls over HK$37m loan
Company announcement, 27-May-2013
Update: as of 18-Sep-2012, both the previous lender, Gain All Investments Ltd, and the new lender, HEC Finance 92 Ltd, were wholly-owned by HEC Capital Ltd, part of what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
Mascotte (0136) sells 25/F, China United Centre to Chung Nam Finance Ltd for HK$88m
Company announcement, 22-Nov-2012
Forefront (0885) lends HK$75m to Chung Nam Finance Ltd
Company announcement, 21-Jun-2010
The announcement mentions that the borrower is owned by Hennabun Capital Group Ltd, which is 2.7% owned by Mascotte (0136) which owns 11.74% of Forefront. It doesn't mention that Hennabun is controlled by Freeman (0279).
B-Tech (Holdings) Ltd: settlement of winding-up petition by Chung Nam Finance Ltd
Company announcement, 9-Apr-2001
B-Tech Holdings Ltd: disposal of shares in Cupac by mortgagee Ampittia Inc. for $5m, injunction against Shanghai property sale, termination of acquisition from China United, winding up petition by Chung Nam Finance Ltd.
Company announcement, 28-Feb-2001

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