Hanison (0896) and Starion II Cayman Ltd sell Success Centre, 26-38 Ta Chuen Ping St, Kwai Chung for HK$1038m
Company announcement, 27-Dec-2017
Hanison owns 50% of the BVI target, which owns the industrial property with 240,485 gsf, so the price is HK$4,316/gsf. The ownership of the buyer is not disclosed. The ownership of the 50% JV Partner is not disclosed.
Hanison (0896) may buy 21/F of Kings Wing Plaza, Shatin
Company announcement, 1-Jun-2017
The vendors and their owners are unnamed, but we can tell you that they are HKEI (1082), which owns 60%, and Finsoft (8018) which owns 40%. 2 weeks ago, Hanison signed MoUs to buy 20/F from Convoy (1019) and 22/F from Town Health (3886), so this completes the penthouse triplex. All 4 vendors are in what we call the "Enigma Network".
Hanison (0896) may buy 20/F, 22/F of Kings Wing Plaza, Shatin
Company announcement, 17-May-2017
The vendors are not identified, but we'll tell you that 20/F is owned by Convoy (1019) which bought it for HK$107.4m in Jan-2015, and 22/F (top floor) is owned by Town Health (3886) which acquired Faithful Sun Ltd in 2016. Both vendors are in what we call the "Enigma Network". The price is about HK$10k per gross sq ft, and quite sensibly, Hanison is buying companies which own the properties to legally avoid 8.5% double stamp duty. The 21/F in the sandwich is owned by Ultimate Elite Investments Ltd, which is 60% owned by HKEI (1082) and 40% by Finsoft (8018), two other members of the Enigma Network.
Hanison (0896) buys 57A Nga Tsin Wai Rd, Kowloon for HK$240m
Company announcement, 25-Jan-2017
The vendor, Henry Brothers Enterprises, was incorporated in 1958. The site should be a residential development.
Hanison (0896) buys 40% of 338 Apartment, 336-338 Queen's Road Central
Company announcement, 19-Oct-2016
On 22-Sep-2016, the target company won a tender to buy the 51,940 gsf property for $633.81m.
Hanison (0896) buys 476 Castle Peak Rd, Kowloon for HK$998mCircular
Company announcement, 8-Sep-2015
The vendors are Mr Kong Tak Ho and Lai Tak Holdings Ltd, of which he owns about 99%. The property has 145,300 gsf, so the price is HK$6,868/gsf. Current monthly rental income is about HK$2.3m, so the yield is 2.77% p.a.. The target company purchased the property for HK$652.2m in 2012.
Hanison (0896) buys 111 High St, HK for HK$253.3m
Company announcement, 19-May-2015
The property, currently Ovolo serviced apartments, has 19,792 gsf, so the value is HK$12,798/gsf.
Hanison (0896) buys 25% of STTL 603 at Lok Lam Road, Fo Tan, N.T.
Company announcement, 10-Feb-2014
The target has won the Government tender to buy the residential site for HK$210.1m. The site allows 2499 sq.m. on a site area of 1190 sq.m., so the plot ratio is 2.1 and the accommodation value is HK$7811/gross sq. ft..

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