Hong Kong Education (Int'l) Investments Limited 香港教育(國際)投資集團有限公司

Hanison (0896) may buy 20/F, 22/F of Kings Wing Plaza, Shatin
Company announcement, 17-May-2017
The vendors are not identified, but we'll tell you that 20/F is owned by Convoy (1019) which bought it for HK$107.4m in Jan-2015, and 22/F (top floor) is owned by Town Health (3886) which acquired Faithful Sun Ltd in 2016. Both vendors are in what we call the "Enigma Network". The price is about HK$10k per gross sq ft, and quite sensibly, Hanison is buying companies which own the properties to legally avoid 8.5% double stamp duty. The 21/F in the sandwich is owned by Ultimate Elite Investments Ltd, which is 60% owned by HKEI (1082) and 40% by Finsoft (8018), two other members of the Enigma Network.
The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
AMCO United (0630) sells 40% of Ultimate Elite Investments Ltd to Finsoft (8018)Finsoft announcement
Company announcement, 5-Dec-2016
The target owns 21/F of Kings Wing Plaza, 3 On Kwan St, Shatin. The other 60% is held by HK Education (1082), which sold 40% to AMCO United in Jan-2016. HK Education owns 26.66% of IECCT (8081) which owns 15.83% of Finsoft.
HK Education (1082): breach of Listing RulesCircular
Company announcement, 12-May-2016
The company declared itself to have a "principal business" of securities investment, but the Stock Exchange ruled that the subscription of shares in Convoy (1019) and IE China (8081) were notifiable "transactions" under Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules. Notably, the company says that any future purchase or disposal of securities should be a "transaction" under Chapter 14. Comment: the Exchange has been inconsistent in applying Chapter 14 to other companies involved in similar shenanigans.
AMCO United (0630) buys 40% of Ultimate Elite Investments Ltd from HK Education (1082)HK Education announcement
Company announcement, 15-Jan-2016
HK Education (1082) sells Achieved Success Co Ltd for HK$35.4m
Company announcement, 22-Jan-2014
HK Education fails to name the buyer (a BVI company) or say who owns it. We can tell you the buyer is Laurel Stars Ltd, wholly-owned by Ngai Shun (1246).
Ngai Shun (1246) buys Achieved Success Co Ltd for HK$35.4m
Company announcement, 22-Jan-2014
Ngai Shun fails to say who owns the vendor. We can tell you it is HK Education (1082).
Modern Education (1082) buys Achieved Success Co Ltd from Town Health (3886) for HK$35mTown Health announcement.
Company announcement, 14-May-2013

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