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GT (0263) belatedly discloses what it held at 30-Jun-2015
Company announcement, 26-Nov-2015
All of the 5 identified shareholdings are in listed companies in what we call the "Chung Nam Network", as is GT.
Court bans Tommy Lam Yick Sing, ex-ED of Tack Fiori (0928), for 6 years
SFC, 30-Mar-2015
HKSAR v Pang Hung Fai: costs
HK Court of Final Appeal, 16-Jan-2015
HKSAR v Pang Hung Fai
HK Court of Final Appeal, 10-Nov-2014
Mr Pang succeeds and his conviction for money-laundering is quashed. The CFA holds that the list of grounds considered by the District Court judge in determining that the defendant had "reasonable grounds to believe" that the money was proceeds of an indictable offence was too narrow. It failed to take account of the existing relationship of trust between Mr Pang and Mr Kwok.
SFC obtains disqualification of Norman Ho Yik Kin, former ED of Tack Fiori (0928)
SFC, 9-Oct-2014
Norman Ho Yik Kin, former ED of Tack Fiori (0928) disqualified for 6 years
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Oct-2014
SFC seeks disqualification of former chairman and executive directors of Tack Fiori (0928)
SFC, 14-Mar-2014
Tack Fiori (0928) sells High Rhine Ltd (BVI) to Equal Sky Ltd (BVI)
Company announcement, 12-Dec-2013
The owner of the purchaser is not disclosed. Records show that at least until 21-Apr-2010, it was owned by Willie (0273), another company in the "Chung Nam Network".
Tack Fiori (0928) issues 20% new shares at 18.7% discount for HK$77.2m to Mr Wang Liang
Company announcement, 9-Dec-2013
The placing agent is Freeman Securities. Both companies are in what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
HKSAR v Pang Hung Fai
HK Court of Appeal, 31-May-2013
The Court of Appeal declines to certify that its decision involve points of law of great and general importance for consideration by the Court of Final Appeal.
HKSAR v Pang Hung Fai
HK Court of Appeal, 31-May-2013
Mr Pang's appeal is dismissed.
HKSAR v Pang Hung Fai
HK Court of Appeal, 13-Jun-2012
Bail is granted pending appeal.
Heritage (0412) cancels share option
Company announcement, 30-Apr-2012
The Company still doesn't say who the grantee was, but see our comment on the announcement of 20-Apr-2012.
Heritage (0412) issues shares to Peter Liu On Bong, grants 10-year options
Company announcement, 20-Apr-2012
The subscriber is Vice Chairman of Tack Fiori (0928) and former MD of Radford Capital (0901). All 3 companies are in the "Chung Nam Network". The grantee of the options is not named, but the number of options just happens to be exactly 1/3 (rounded down) of the number of subscription shares. Could it be that the subscriber is also the grantee?
HKSAR v Pang Hung Fai: reasons for sentence
HK District Court, 17-Jan-2012
Regarding Tack Fat's former Chairman, Kwok Wing, the judge says "Kwok is still at large, no doubt in part sustained by the money that the defendant had sent to Cambodia".
Tack Fat (0928) proposes 90m options for directors and 210m options for "consultants"
Company announcement, 6-Oct-2011
100m options go to Alice Yu Man Fung. She is an SFC-licensed representative of Radland International Ltd. 10m go to Margaret Wong Wan Men. She is a Responsible Officer of CU Corporate Finance Ltd. Both Radland and CUCF are fellow subsidiaries of Chung Nam Securities, all owned by Hennabun Capital Group Ltd. We don't know who Ko Po Yee is, but s/he gets 100m options.
Tack Fat (0928) diversifies
Company announcement, 30-Aug-2011
Like fellow members of what we call the "Chung Nam Network", Tack Fat is applying for a money-lender's license and is going to start investing in securities - presumably of other listed group members. It is also acquiring Z & Z International Ltd from Mr Au Yeung Kai Wah and Mr Kenneth Chan Chak Kai for HK$16m.
All 3 INEDs quit at Tack Fat (0928), reasons not stated...
Company announcement, 15-Aug-2011
...and 4 new INEDs and 1 ED are appointed, all of whom have past or present connections with other members of what we call the "Chung Nam Network", including Mascotte (0136), Forefront (0885), Willie (0273), Radford (0901) and Dragonite (0329).
Shareholding structure at date of Tack Fat (0928) EGM
Company announcement, 19-Jul-2011
Derek Fung Yue Tak, ED of Willie (0273) bought Sansar's 19.64% stake in Tack Fat (0928)
Disclosure of interest, 19-Jul-2011
The purchase price was $0.40 per share, which is twice the price at which Shen Dong acquired 29.5% from Mr Kwok Wing. The purchaser is an ED of Willie, the Chairman of which is Henry Chuang Yueheng, the son of Ms Joan Huang Min Chuan. She is the sole beneficiary of the Investor in the Tack Fat restructuring. Another son, Eugene Chuang Yue-chien, is the sole director of the Investor.
Tack Fat (0928) ceases injunction application against Sansar
Company announcement, 7-Jul-2011
Tack Fat does not disclose the terms of this "amicable settlement". We think that other investors have a right to know.
Circular regarding Tack Fat litigation against HKSCC Nominees Ltd
HK Securities Clearing Co Ltd, 6-Jul-2011
Tack Fat (0928) tries to injunct an investor from voting against restructuring
Company announcement, 5-Jul-2011
Sansar's funds own 19.6% of Tack Fat. We see no reason why they should not be allowed to vote as they see fit.
Circular regarding Tack Fat litigation against HKSCC Nominees Ltd
HK Securities Clearing Co Ltd, 5-Jul-2011
With broken hyperlinks in Appendix 1 to key supporting documents. We have asked for these links and documents to be restored.
Tack Fat (0928) files proceedings in Cayman Islands against "Dissenting Shareholders"
Company announcement, 20-Oct-2010
This begs the question - what is the point of allowing shareholders to vote on a restructuring if the company or its liquidators are going to sue investors who vote against? The company now wants those votes to be declared invalid. We guess that the two investors are Sansar Capital Management LLC and Jayhawk Capital Management LLC. We see no reason why their votes should be invalid.
Tack Fat (0928) independent shareholders veto restructuring
Company announcement, 15-Sep-2010
The provisional liquidators consider "making investigations into the voting results".
Request for assistance: Kwok Wing, Kwok Kam Chuen and Michaelle Kwok Choi Ha
SEHK, 1-Apr-2010
Tack Fat liquidators investigate transfer of all subsidiaries to Merrier Ltd
Company announcement, 24-Oct-2008
Provisional liquidators appointed, more directors resign
Company announcement, 12-Sep-2008
Resignation letters of NEDs and INED
Company announcement, 8-Sep-2008
2 NEDs and 1 INED resign; INED "not comfortable with the accounting affairs"
Company announcement, 8-Aug-2008
Tack Fat: as clear as Mudd takes a close look at the latest accounts of garment maker Tack Fat (0928), and finds plenty to worry about. Amongst other issues, Tack Fat is fast approaching a 30-Sep expiry of an option to increase its stake in Mudd or lose the premium, and investors and the auditors do not have enough information on Mudd to reach a view. Meanwhile there was a previously undisclosed deposit at least 2 months before the latest $330m acquisition of XXESS. (6-Aug-2007)
CSFB's Toxic Convertibles lifts the lid on the toxic convertibles scam in HK, in which small, mostly naive companies surrender control over future equity issuance to an investment bank, whose principal interest is to lock in a profit by converting bonds on a rolling basis at a deep discount to market and selling the resulting shares. CSFB has led the way down this value-destroying path, with Merrill Lynch recently joining the fray. We estimate that the banks make a gross profit on money raised of about 31%, and the average stock price has fallen 30% since a toxic convertible was launched. If you are a listed company, just say no. If you are an institutional investor, take your business elsewhere. (8-Jun-2005)
The Queen v Kwok Chiu & Tack Fat Swimwear Manufacturing
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Dec-1989

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