Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited

SFC fines Credit Suisse HK$39.3m for years of regulatory breaches
SFC, 8-Feb-2018
Among other things, the firm settled its own sales using clients' securities on 843 occasions from 2010-2016, made 94 naked short sales, and failed to report over 1200 (weekly) short positions between Jun-2012 and Oct-2014.
Life ban for Jagjit Singh Dhillon, ex-Credit Suisse
SFC, 12-Jan-2015
For cooking his trading books.
SFC suspends Mr Stephane Hug, of Credit Suisse, for 4 months, for selling shares ahead of a CB issue
SFC, 13-Dec-2006
Eganagoldpfeil (0048): agreement with CSFB to terminate toxic convertibles, 5-May-2005
Company filing, 18-Aug-2006
CSFB's Toxic Convertibles lifts the lid on the toxic convertibles scam in HK, in which small, mostly naive companies surrender control over future equity issuance to an investment bank, whose principal interest is to lock in a profit by converting bonds on a rolling basis at a deep discount to market and selling the resulting shares. CSFB has led the way down this value-destroying path, with Merrill Lynch recently joining the fray. We estimate that the banks make a gross profit on money raised of about 31%, and the average stock price has fallen 30% since a toxic convertible was launched. If you are a listed company, just say no. If you are an institutional investor, take your business elsewhere. (8-Jun-2005)

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