SGX said to consider giving traders their lunch break back
Singapore Business Times, 24-Feb-2017
They reportedly also propose widening the bid-offer spread, which is a sure-fire way to reduce liquidity, not increase it. This is another sign of desparation after the proposal to list second-class shares. Who is running SGX these days? What next - introducing minimum commissions? Rather than fiddle with trading hours and rules, consider allowing competing exchanges, then let the market discover which hours and spreads it wants.
SGX introduces random end time to opening and closing auctions
Company media release, 22-Sep-2011
SGX proposes mandatory poll voting for Singapore-listed companies
Company media release, 2-Jun-2011
The proposed implementation date is 1-Jan-2013 for large companies (which report quarterly) and 1-Jan-2014 for small companies, which would be 4 and 5 years respectively after poll voting became mandatory in Hong Kong on 1-Jan-2009, following the efforts of Webb-site's Project Poll in 2003.
ASX merger may not make good sense, but it now looks a good bet
Sydney Morning Herald, 12-Feb-2011
SGX scraps lunch break, opens from 09:00-17:00 from 1-Mar-2011
Company media release, 18-Jan-2011

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