Webb, David Michael (1965-08-29)

HK is running out of time to re-join the World
As our Editor sits in the air-lock waiting to re-enter HK, he looks at the now-unconstitutional quarantine regulations and the harm they are doing to HK. (5-May-2022)
Webb on "Backchat" re the Budget
RTHK, 24-Feb-2022
Taster: isn't it amazing that the HK Govt couldn't find housing for people in cage-homes and sub-divided apartments for years, but can now build tens of thousands of isolation units in a couple of months?
Yorkey (2788): a successful outcome
Webb-site recommends shareholders to vote in favour of the increased offer, as founder David Webb has undertaken to do. Here's the background to our decision. (20-Jan-2022)
Webb on "Backchat" re the Policy Address
RTHK, 7-Oct-2021
Webb on "Backchat" re China's 5-year plan 2021-2025
RTHK, 24-Aug-2021
Webb on "Backchat" re tourism and (second half) the future of authoritarian HK
RTHK, 16-Jul-2021
The discussion took a surprising turn…
30 years in Hong Kong
This seems like a suitable time for an update from our founder. (15-Jul-2021)
Webb on "Backchat" re consumption vouchers
RTHK, 5-Jul-2021
Webb on CNBC re the path to open borders and increasing mainland control over HK
CNBC, 3-Jun-2021
Webb calls for "clear pathway to open borders" in HK
Bloomberg, 20-May-2021
Webb looks for clarity in Next asset freeze claim
RTHK, 18-May-2021
Webb on "The Pulse" TV re access to Companies Registry data
RTHK, 30-Apr-2021
HK's zealous anti-doxxing campaign could make it even easier to hide dirty money in the city
CNN, 20-Apr-2021
Webb on "Backchat" re HKIDs and the Companies Registry
RTHK, 13-Apr-2021
Webb reappointed to Takeovers Panel for 2 more years
SFC, 31-Mar-2021
They must be optimistic! He was first appointed in 2001 and became a Deputy Chairman in 2013. He's the 3rd-longest serving current member of the Panel.
Webb on "Backchat" re the Budget
RTHK, 25-Feb-2021
COVID-19: were the lockdowns worth the socio-economic cost?Video replay
These are the slides from a "Webbinar" with David Webb hosted by Exeter College, Oxford University, this evening. As vaccines draw near, the debate on the global policy responses to the pandemic should begin. (4-Dec-2020)
Webb on "Backchat" re Lantau Tomorrow and our proposal for a COVID Isolation Compensation SchemeCICS
RTHK, 19-Nov-2020
Part 2 on COVID and CICS begins at 47:26. See our article of 16-Nov-2020.
Finding Virtue in the Finance IndustryThe Book
Harvard Business Review, 12-Oct-2020
An article featuring David Webb's work which is covered in JC de Swaan's new book "Seeking Virtue in Finance" from Cambridge University Press.
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Disneyland, Supermarkets
RTHK, 28-Sep-2020
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Government finances & COVID
RTHK, 18-Aug-2020
David Webb, Emily Lau on "Saturday AM" radio re National Security Law
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 4-Jul-2020
Webb on "Backchat" re National Security Law
RTHK, 23-Jun-2020
A special message from our Founder
Unfortunately, there are going to be some changes around here. (8-Jun-2020)
HK investor says city is facing brain drain
Bloomberg, 2-Jun-2020
Webb on "Backchat" re COVID-19, border quarantine, QUIET Area and social controls
RTHK, 29-Apr-2020
Webb on "Backchat" re HK budget
RTHK, 28-Feb-2020
Webb on CNBC re HK budget
CNBC, 26-Feb-2020
Also discussing the economy, school closures in HK while Singapore's remain open, the HK$10k per voter handout ahead of the September LegCo elections, and the budget to promote the rule of law ahead of the proposed National Anthem Ordinance.
Webb on "Backchat" re taxes and handouts
RTHK, 21-Jan-2020
Webb on 'Backchat' re land, housing and Disneyland
RTHK, 8-Jan-2020
Webb on the protests and how HK can democratise without NPCSC approval
Bloomberg, 9-Dec-2019
Webb: HK must now address its 'democratic deficit'
CNBC, 25-Nov-2019
An excerpt from an interview this morning.
Webb on "Backchat" re US HKHRDA and the protests
RTHK, 21-Nov-2019
Webb interviewed in CUHK student magazine (in Chinese)
U-Beat Magazine, 20-Nov-2019
Webb in a Webinar: HK-Invocation of emergency powers
AIMA, 9-Oct-2019
A discussion on the HK Government's use of the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, whether the ERO and the anti-mask regulation made by it are constitutional, and the broader issue of where HK may go from here. A form is required to listen but any answers will do. Held at 17:30 on 9-Oct-2019.
'It's not about the money': What Beijing doesn't get about HK protesters
Los Angeles Times, 9-Oct-2019
Webb on "Newswrap" re the anti-mask law and the ERO
RTHK, 4-Oct-2019
'Questionable' whether HK mask ban using ERO is constitutional
CNBC, 4-Oct-2019
An excerpt from an interview with David Webb this morning.
Webb on the HK protests: 'Hard crackdown likely'
CapeTalk Radio, 2-Oct-2019
Jump to 02:15 in the podcast. We again explain how to democratise the Functional Constituencies and the Chief Executive Election Committee seats by scrapping corporate voting, replacing tycoon votes with worker votes. This can be done by amending HK laws, without NPCSC approval. Without meaningful democratisation, the protests will likely continue until a hard crackdown.
New World (0017) farmland donation 'destroyed shareholder value', analysts say
South China Morning Post, 26-Sep-2019
Webb on "Backchat" re HK protests
RTHK, 13-Sep-2019
Activist investor Webb proposes changes for HK's voting system (TV)
Bloomberg, 9-Sep-2019
Webb on HK protests and pressure from Beijing
CapeTalk Radio, 3-Sep-2019
Webb on HK protests and China: a 1-hour podcast
Hidden Forces, 19-Aug-2019
Recorded at 9pm HKT on 16-Aug-2019, a wide-ranging discussion on the unsustainability of HK's model of civil liberties without democracy and the possible outcomes, as well as the unsustainability of the centrally-planned Chinese economic model.
Webb on BBC World Service radio "Business Daily" re extradition bill
BBC, 5-Jul-2019
An investor's vision for the future of HK (podcast)
Bloomberg, 22-Jun-2019
Webb on corporate governance, small caps, the Extradition Bill and the future of HK & China.
U.S. may order funds to dump Chinese stocks, activist Webb saysThe Trump Dump
Bloomberg, 17-Jun-2019
Webb on Extradition Bill, Carrie Lam and future of HK (video)
Bloomberg, 17-Jun-2019
Hong Kong sees first 'Enigma' stock fraud charge of many to come
TheStreet.com, 17-May-2019
The spectacular implosion of Dr. Cho's 'nefarious network'The Enigma Network
Bloomberg, 15-May-2019
Today is the 2nd anniversary of Webb-site's publication of the Enigma Network. So far, nobody has been charged with any offence, and no SFC action has been taken to bring in the liquidators to wind up any of the listed companies involved.
Webb reappointed to Takeovers Panel
SFC, 28-Mar-2019
He joined the Panel on 1-Apr-2001 and became a Deputy Chairman in 2013.
A Hong Kong stock slumps after an activist calls it a bubble
Bloomberg, 18-Mar-2019
Webb on "Backchat" re MPF
RTHK, 18-Feb-2019
Webb on "Backchat" re Salaries Tax and Profits Tax
RTHK, 30-Jan-2019
The Webb way of investing
Motley Fool, 17-Jan-2019
Killik Explains: how to invest in equities the David Webb way
YouTube, 17-Jan-2019
Oh, so that's how it's done! Maybe we should try it.
How activist Webb earned 20% a year investing in Hong Kong stocks (video)
Bloomberg, 4-Jan-2019
The 20%-a-year stock picker who wishes his edge would disappear
Bloomberg, 3-Jan-2019
Webb on "Backchat" re the HK property market, rates and taxes
RTHK, 13-Dec-2018
Freedom and the future of China: Webb's talk at HKU on 30-Oct-2018 (video)Text of speech
YouTube, 29-Nov-2018
HK activist's jab at bourse starts US$228m fall
Bloomberg, 19-Nov-2018
You have been warned…
Freedom and the future of China
This is the text of a High Table dinner speech delivered by Webb-site founder David Webb to the students of Chi Sun College, University of Hong Kong, this evening. Hyperlinks have been added. (30-Oct-2018)
Webb on "Backchat" re Policy Address
RTHK, 11-Oct-2018
Webb on "Backchat" re white elephants
RTHK, 23-Jun-2018
Webb on "Backchat" re Civil Service pay & terms
RTHK, 29-May-2018
Webb and Roger Ver debate Bitcoin and other crypto-tokens
Bloomberg, 12-Apr-2018
Webb on "Backchat" re taxing vacant flats
RTHK, 19-Mar-2018
Webb on "Innovation GPS" re crypto-pseudo-currencies
TVB, 21-Feb-2018
Webb on "Backchat" re the HK budgetAlternative budget speech
RTHK, 8-Feb-2018
Webb on Reuters TV re second-class shares and Communist Party strategy
Reuters, 10-Jan-2018
Webb on the Government's under-priced metered parking
South China Morning Post, 28-Dec-2017
HK's Government competes unfairly with commercial parking by charging $8/hr for on-street parking when the private sector nearby charges $30. Proposals to increase that to $4 or $5 per 15 minutes won't make much difference, even if they overcome vested interests in LegCo. Meanwhile criminal gangs corner the meters and rake off the difference as "valet parking".
Webb on "The Pulse" re the Enigma Network (video)
RTHK, 16-Dec-2017
Webb on "The Pulse" re digital pseudo-currencies
RTHK, 18-Nov-2017
Jump to Part 2 at timestamp 10:40.
Webb: HKEX reforms won't help independent directors
RTHK, 10-Nov-2017
If only INEDs were independent
David Webb will be speaking at a conference in HK today. These are his slides, on the most fundamental issue in HK corporate governance. (10-Nov-2017)
'Enigma Network' crash spurs HK's largest financial raidThe Enigma Network
Bloomberg, 13-Oct-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re Bitcoin
RTHK, 15-Sep-2017
Activist investor David Webb, who called HK small-cap rout, says regulators failed investors
CNBC, 29-Jun-2017
HK small cap stocks and the 'Enigma Network'
CNBC, 29-Jun-2017
Webb on "Money Talk" on Radio 3
RTHK, 29-Jun-2017
Activist investor calls HK market rout
Reuters, 28-Jun-2017
‘Enigma Network’ rocks Hong Kong markets with sudden 90% losses
Bloomberg, 28-Jun-2017
Webb on "Newswrap" re HKEX third board and GEM
RTHK, 16-Jun-2017
Shareholder activist David Webb says the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which has proposed setting up a new board to open ways for more mainland tech companies to list in the city, is going in completely the wrong direction. He said Hong Kong should have a single board, rather than confusing the market with more boards. He told Jim Gould that a simpler structure should also have better disclosure and governance requirements.
Rebuilding free markets in HK
These slides are from a presentation by David Webb today, on how HK's free markets have eroded during the 20 years since the Handover, and what HK can do to recover its dynamism. (16-Jun-2017)
Webb on "BackChat" re HK's declining income gap and the need to improve efficiency of public spending
RTHK, 13-Jun-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re annuities, the Mortgage Corp and MPF
RTHK, 12-Apr-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re Government intervention and red tape
RTHK, 15-Mar-2017
Webb on "The Pulse" re WKCD
RTHK, 4-Mar-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re the budget
RTHK, 23-Feb-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re tax and education
RTHK, 8-Feb-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re Policy Address
RTHK, 19-Jan-2017
Webb on "Backchat" re taxis and other road transport cartels
RTHK, 19-Dec-2016
Note: Sonia Cheng is an Executive Director of Chung Shing Taxi Ltd, which with related companies owns about 350 licences with a rent-seeking value of about HK$2.1bn.
Webb increases Ming Fai (3828) stake over 10%Open letter
Disclosure of interest, 2-Nov-2016
We look forward to the EGM tomorrow to approve the property disposal, and to the board's subsequent decision on the distribution of sale proceeds.
Webb on "Backchat" re taxes and Trump
RTHK, 6-Oct-2016
Activist Webb pushes for even more radical listing reforms
HK Standard, 7-Sep-2016
By "radical" they mean "rational".
Webb on "Backchat" re Legislative Council elections
RTHK, 2-Sep-2016
Webb on CNBC re listing regulatory reform
CNBC, 16-Aug-2016
Webb on "Backchat" re Brexit
RTHK, 30-Jun-2016
Presentation on HK securities market reform
These are the slides from a presentation by David Webb to accountants hosted by legislator Kenneth Leung this evening. (16-May-2016)
Webb on "Backchat" re Panama Papers
RTHK, 6-Apr-2016
Webb on "Money Talk" reviewing the HK budget
RTHK, 25-Feb-2016
Webb on "Backchat" re HK's tax system
RTHK, 4-Feb-2016
Keeping public data public: the right to rememberVideo
These are the slides of a presentation by David Webb to the Foreign Correspondents' Club today. (12-Jan-2016)
Webb on "Backchat" re the Mandatory Provident Fund
RTHK, 2-Dec-2015
Hong Kong's Memory Hole
Wall Street Journal, 20-Nov-2015
Webb on "Backchat" re the Exchange Fund and the structural tax surplus
RTHK, 4-Nov-2015
AAB rejects Webb-site appeal of redaction order
In a chilling decision for media freedom in HK, the AAB has rejected our appeal of the Privacy Commissioner's order to remove from Webb-site Reports information obtained from published judgments, ruling that "reporting and publication for general use" is not an allowed purpose. Constitutional aspects, such as the necessity of a restriction on free speech that does not apply to overseas online publishers, were barely covered. We look at the consequences and options. (30-Oct-2015)
Webb on "Backchat" re John Tsang's dishwasher
RTHK, 28-Oct-2015
Webb on anniversary of Umbrella Movement
CNBC, 28-Sep-2015
Webb on Shanghai market and PRC economy
CNBC, 27-Sep-2015
Challenges for China and implications for Hong Kong
Slides from a presentation by David Webb to the Oxford University Hong Kong Society annual dinner last night. (22-Aug-2015)
Webb on "All About Money"
RTHK, 22-Aug-2015
Video segment starts at 13:23. Clips in English with Cantonese narration and subtitles.
Alex Lo: Time for HK's privacy commissioner to go
South China Morning Post, 14-Jul-2015
HK privacy watchdog’s order to remove names from website would create an ‘Orwellian memory hole’, says market analyst
South China Morning Post, 13-Jul-2015
David Webb appeals against ban on publishing namesNewswrap audio clip
RTHK, 13-Jul-2015
Webb to defend HK media freedom in landmark appeal
In a public hearing on 13-Jul-2015, Webb-site's founder, editor and publisher will appeal against an Enforcement Notice issued by the Privacy Commissioner which, if upheld, would have wide-ranging implications for freedom of speech and publication in HK and access to media archives of HK-based publishers. (4-Jul-2015)
Webb on "Backchat" re income inequality
RTHK, 9-Jun-2015
SFC calls for proactive investors: Will more David Webbs emerge?
EJinsight, 30-May-2015
We hope so! Nice pic - taken during SARS in 2003.
Webb on "Backchat" re democracy and economics
RTHK, 8-May-2015
Webb on "Newswrap" re HSBC/StanChart possible redomicile
RTHK, 20-Apr-2015
Webb reappointed as a Deputy Chairman of the Takeovers Panel
SFC, 31-Mar-2015
Webb discloses 5% stake in Top Form (0333)
Disclosure of interest, 27-Mar-2015
Government cites Webb-site board stats without attribution
The Government has cited statistics from Webb-site Who's Who without attribution, instead attributing them to SEHK. You're welcome. (25-Mar-2015)
Webb on "Backchat" re budget
RTHK, 26-Feb-2015
Webb on "Backchat" re pocketing the NPCSC proposal for 2017
RTHK, 27-Jan-2015
Webb speaking on democracy, cartels, future at HK 2047 Monitor, FCC
YouTube, 19-Jan-2015
Webb on "Backchat" re Report on Recent Community & Political SituationThe report
RTHK, 7-Jan-2015
Webb on "Backchat" re next steps for Umbrella Movement
RTHK, 10-Dec-2014
Webb on "Backchat" re Occupy, economy and democracy
RTHK, 17-Oct-2014
David Webb: Hong Kong people will win democracy fight (ultimately)
HK Economic Journal, 15-Oct-2014
Admiralty address
Here's the speech by Webb-site founder David Webb to the crowd in Admiralty last night. (12-Oct-2014)
Webb on "Backchat" re Umbrella Movement and C Y Leung's contract
RTHK, 10-Oct-2014
Webb increases stake in Sino Golf (0361) over 5%
SFC, 6-Oct-2014
We wouldn't normally publicise this, but Sino Golf is in an Offer Period under the Takeovers Code so the filing appears this morning on the obscure SFC Dealing Disclosures page and has not yet been mirrored to the HKEx company news site. One market, two systems. Update: the file was subsequently posted on HKEx News at 16:24, after the market closed.
Webb on "Backchat" re the pro-democracy protests
RTHK, 1-Oct-2014
In this program (at about 10m25s), we suggest a face-saving way out for Beijing: following the procedures it devised in 2004, it can say that the "Actual Situation in HK" has changed, or that it was misadvised on the Actual Situation, and the CE of HK can file a new report to Beijing on the Actual Situation, proposing retention of the 1/8 nomination threshold that allows genuine choice. Beijing could still reserve the power to reject the elected candidate.
What do investors want? Views from an activist investor
These are the slides from a presentation by David Webb to investor relations professionals in HK today at the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI, USA) "Wisdom Roadshow" hosted by IPREO. (26-Sep-2014)
Webb keynote: Challenges for China - beyond minority listings of SOEsSlides
YouTube, 19-Sep-2014
At the Centre for Accounting Research & Education (CARE) Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic, 10-Jun-2014
Webb on "Backchat" re super-rich and inequality
RTHK, 17-Sep-2014
Webb on the "1 2 3 Show" re HKID cardsHKID check digit generator
RTHK, 2-Sep-2014
Start at the 15:20 mark.
David Webb "In Conversation" with Stephen Davies
RTHK, 17-Jul-2014
This show was recorded on 12-Jun-2014.
Webb at Asia Society re Bitcoin (video)
Asia Society, 23-Jun-2014
Webb to speak on Bitcoin at Asia Society HK next Monday 23-Jun
Asia Society, 17-Jun-2014
Webb on "Backchat" re competition ordinance
RTHK, 28-May-2014
Webb on "Backchat" re Google v Spain and the right to remember
RTHK, 15-May-2014
Webb on "Newswrap" re MTRC
RTHK, 8-May-2014
Open letter to the Board of C&T (0046) from investor David M Webb
Videos from SFC regulatory conference published
SFC, 1-Apr-2014
Webb-site editor David Webb appears in Panel 3, Market Integrity and Investor Protection, with David Graham, Head of Regulation at HKEx, Andrew Procter, Group Head of Compliance at Deutsche Bank, William Strong, Co-CEO of Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific, and Keith Yeung, Director of Public Prosecutions, HK Government. The moderator is Mark Steward, Head of Enforcement at the SFC. The conference was held on 24-Jan-2014.
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Budget
RTHK, 27-Feb-2014
Webb on "Backchat" re tax & budget
RTHK, 23-Jan-2014
Webb on "Backchat" re Bitcoin
RTHK, 7-Jan-2014
Webb on 'Backchat" re the proposed stamp duties
RTHK, 29-Nov-2013
The proposed laws on Buyer's Stamp Duty, higher rate and longer period of Seller's Stamp Duty, and Double Stamp Duty are still in LegCo Bills Committees. The show discusses whether they should be withdrawn.
Webb on "Backchat" re free TV and mobile phone spectrum
RTHK, 16-Oct-2013
Alibaba: an interview with David Webb
Forbes, 25-Sep-2013
Webb on 'Backchat' re Jetstar Hong Kong and competition
RTHK, 9-Sep-2013
With two representatives of Cathay Pacific group (which includes Dragonair) and none from Jetstar Hong Kong or its 3 shareholders.
Presentation to IFRS Regional Policy Forum
Webb-site founder David Webb is speaking in a panel session at the IFRS event in HK this afternoon. These are his slides. (5-Jun-2013)
Webb on "Backchat" re HKMEx
RTHK, 23-May-2013
Webb interviewed on Malaysian radio
BFM radio (Malaysia), 9-Apr-2013
Webb appointed Deputy Chairman of Takeovers Panel
SFC, 28-Mar-2013
Interview with David Webb
HK Magazine, 7-Mar-2013
Of privacy and opacity
Economist, 1-Mar-2013
Webb on "Backchat" re the budget
RTHK, 28-Feb-2013
Webb on "The Pulse" (TV) re freedom of publication in HK (at 05:57)
RTHK, 22-Feb-2013
Webb on "Backchat" re sale of hotel suites, and fiscal reserves
RTHK, 21-Feb-2013
Webb in FCC panel discussion on Companies Ordinance
YouTube, 5-Feb-2013
Webb on "Backchat" re tunnel tolls and (at 45:30) directors' secrecy
RTHK, 30-Jan-2013
Webb on "Backchat" re policy address
RTHK, 17-Jan-2013
With Starry Lee (Executive Council, LegCo, DAB), Albert Ho (LegCo, DP) and Nick Brooke (Harbourfront Commission, Science and Technology Parks Corp).
Webb on "Backchat" re the slide towards socialism, and small-house policy
RTHK, 22-Nov-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re BSD and SSD 2.0
RTHK, 30-Oct-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re MPF
RTHK, 17-Oct-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re poverty line
RTHK, 28-Sep-2012
HK: ex-banker offers free data service
Financial Times, 14-Aug-2012
Webb on "Money for Nothing" re Webb-site Total Returns
RTHK, 14-Aug-2012
Webb interviewed on "BackStory"
RTHK, 28-Jul-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re the HK$ peg
RTHK, 14-Jun-2012
HK gadfly David Webb on governance
The Edge Malaysia, 12-Jun-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re class actions
RTHK, 29-May-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re Facebook
RTHK, 24-May-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re government intervention
RTHK, 13-Apr-2012
Webb reappointed to Takeovers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 30-Mar-2012
He is one of 3 investors on the 32-member panel.
Webb on "Backchat" re C Y Leung's property sector policies
RTHK, 27-Mar-2012
David Webb's alternative deal of the year awards
International Financial Law Review, 28-Feb-2012
David Webb: Why HK should back competition law and class actions
International Financial Law Review, 28-Feb-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re Competition Bill and statutory bodies
RTHK, 15-Feb-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Budget
RTHK, 2-Feb-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re private recreational leases
RTHK, 19-Dec-2011
Total lunar eclipse 2011, as seen from Hong Kong
YouTube, 10-Dec-2011
By David Webb. Crank up the volume - just for fun!
Hong Kong finance: job vacancies
Financial Times, 27-Oct-2011
The guys in pink have some fun with Webb-site's new database of SFC licensees.
Webb on "Backchat" re political party funding
RTHK, 20-Oct-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re Home Ownership Scheme, transport subsidies
RTHK, 14-Oct-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re: Is Capitalism Failing?
RTHK, 27-Sep-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re Home Ownership Scheme
RTHK, 21-Jun-2011
Webb on "Backchat" in Basic Law quiz
RTHK, 31-May-2011
Issues covered include exemptions from jury service, the right of non-Chinese and Chinese with right of foreign abode to run for LegCo election, discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or religious belief, and legal aid for refugee applicants.
Webb on "Backchat" re property
RTHK, 12-Apr-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re universal pension
RTHK, 24-Mar-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re Home Ownership Scheme and the housing market
RTHK, 9-Mar-2011
Hong Kong Finance's Finest Host Their Own Razzies
Wall Street Journal, 4-Mar-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re budget
RTHK, 24-Feb-2011
With Ronald Arculli, Ronny Tong Ka-wah (the Two Ronnies) and Kenneth Leung Kai-cheong.
ASX merger may not make good sense, but it now looks a good bet
Sydney Morning Herald, 12-Feb-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re Stanley Ho
RTHK, 9-Feb-2011
Webb on "Backchat" re special stamp duty & other property issues
RTHK, 18-Jan-2011
Prepared remarks of David Webb appearing in LegCo on Special Stamp Duty
Hong Kong should halt new property stamp duty, let bubble burst, Webb says
Bloomberg, 4-Jan-2011
Webb on "Backchat" debating Special Stamp Duty with Government
RTHK, 6-Dec-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re special stamp duty and mortgage limits
RTHK, 23-Nov-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re the Competition Bill
RTHK, 9-Nov-2010
Webb on "Hong Kong Today" re trading hours poll
RTHK, 28-Oct-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re what to do with small coins
RTHK, 27-Oct-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re cross-harbour tunnels & road transport economics
RTHK, 28-Sep-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re entrepreneurs and state intervention
RTHK, 16-Sep-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re HK economy
RTHK, 6-Sep-2010
Webb, other key business leaders interviewed by IFAC
International Federation of Accountants, 6-Aug-2010
See Theme 3: Business reporting through the lens of the investor.
Webb on "Backchat" re proposed competition law
RTHK, 27-May-2010
Webb interview on CG, GS and the financial crisis (with video)
INSEAD, 6-May-2010
Programmer interview - David M Webb
ZX Spectrum Games, 30-Apr-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re Goldman Sachs and the financial crisis
RTHK, 26-Apr-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re the Webb-site Who's Who database
RTHK, 15-Apr-2010
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 31-Mar-2010
Webb on "Backchat" re market reforms, tycoons and the political structure
RTHK, 31-Mar-2010
Presentation by David Webb at a conference on Shareholder Rights
Webb on "Backchat" re healthcare financing
RTHK, 18-Feb-2010
Webb on backchat re "deep-rooted conflicts"
RTHK, 28-Jan-2010
Including a proposal for a cap-and-trade scheme for residency rights, easing emigration to the mainland, and capitalising public housing tenants by giving them the property.
Webb on 'Backchat' re HK tax & budget
RTHK, 23-Dec-2009
David Webb calls time on his Hong Kong Christmas Pick
Bloomberg, 18-Dec-2009
Former overpaid banker paying his dues
The Edge Malaysia, 30-Nov-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re class actions, litigation funding and contingent legal fees
RTHK, 6-Nov-2009
Corporate crusader
Spectator, 31-Oct-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re Property Address (or Policy Address)
RTHK, 15-Oct-2009
Tireless champion of shareholders' rights
Financial Times, 14-Oct-2009
The people's champion
South China Morning Post, 22-Sep-2009
Webb on Social Corporate Responsibility in Exon, the magazine of Exeter College, Oxford
Webb on "Backchat" re West Kowloon-Futian express rail link
RTHK, 17-Sep-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Disney debt restructuring
RTHK, 2-Jul-2009
Webb on CNBC re money laundering in Macau's Casinos
CNBC, 10-Jun-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Government relief measures
RTHK, 27-May-2009
Re PCCW Ltd proposed scheme of arrangement for privatisation
HK Court of Appeal, 11-May-2009
David Webb continues Hong Kong quest
Wall Street Journal, 27-Apr-2009
David Webb, a fly in HK's corporate ointment
Reuters, 23-Apr-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re PCCW Court of Appeal verdict
RTHK, 23-Apr-2009
HK court blocks PCCW buyout bid: Webb interview
CNBC, 22-Apr-2009
Presentation on insider blackout rule by David Webb
as featured in a luncheon debate at the Foreign Correspondents Club, HK (9-Apr-2009)
Webb on "Backchat" re PCCW court case
RTHK, 7-Apr-2009
Re PCCW Limited scheme of arrangement
HK Court of First Instance, 6-Apr-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re HK budget
RTHK, 26-Feb-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re fuel competition and road transport policy
RTHK, 5-Feb-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re financial services regulation after Lehman minibonds
RTHK, 12-Jan-2009
Ending a loophole for insider trading has created a tangle
Economist, 8-Jan-2009
Webb on "Backchat" re mainland support measures for HK economy
RTHK, 22-Dec-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Government stimulus plans
RTHK, 9-Dec-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re economic stimulus
RTHK, 2-Dec-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re taxi fare bargaining
RTHK, 10-Nov-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re stock market and Government's policy address
RTHK, 28-Oct-2008
Note: in this show we issued a rare "buy" call on blue chips, when the HSI was at 11,015.
Webb on "Hong Kong Today" re CITIC Pacific derivative losses
RTHK, 23-Oct-2008
Webb on "Hong Kong Today" re Lehman minibonds and regulatory reform
RTHK, 17-Oct-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re policy address expectations
RTHK, 15-Oct-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re credit crunch / HK economic freedom
RTHK, 17-Sep-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re closing auction session on SEHK
RTHK, 4-Jun-2008
Stepping backwards
Economist, 29-May-2008
HK financier-turned-activist still fighting after quitting stock exchange
Associated Press, 21-May-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re his resignation from HKEx
RTHK, 19-May-2008
Webb resigns from HK Exchange, launching broadside
Forbes, 16-May-2008
Hong Kong loses an independent watchdog
Asia Sentinel, 16-May-2008
David Webb resigns as HKEx director
Company announcement, 15-May-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re supermarket competition
RTHK, 17-Apr-2008
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 3-Apr-2008
Webbon "Backchat" re HK budget
RTHK, 29-Feb-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re David Li
RTHK, 19-Feb-2008
Webb on "Backchat" re David Li resignation campaign
RTHK, 12-Feb-2008
A question of degrees for Choi
HK Standard, 22-Nov-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re Link REIT
RTHK, 16-Nov-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re electricity regulation and the HK$ peg
RTHK, 25-Oct-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re the markets
RTHK, 4-Oct-2007
In which we warn about the market bubble.
Giant sell-off as Webb fuels fears of luxury goods firm
HK Standard, 28-Jul-2007
Webb on CNBC re Handover anniversary
CNBC, 2-Jul-2007
Webb on CNBC re Asian Financial Crisis anniversary and China bubble
CNBC, 2-Jul-2007
Happy birthday to us
Globe and Mail, Canada, 28-Jun-2007
The scourge of Hong Kong
Spectator, 23-Jun-2007
Briton curbs China bosses
Times, UK, 3-Jun-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re MTR/KCR
RTHK, 18-May-2007
Webb in Top 20 "Asian progressives"
World Business magazine, 9-May-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re MTR/KCR
RTHK, 19-Apr-2007
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 30-Mar-2007
Webb on RTHK TV's "The Pulse" re MPF (Real Player)Windows Media
RTHK, 16-Mar-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re HK budget
RTHK, 1-Mar-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re infrastructure & alcohol duty
RTHK, 7-Feb-2007
Webb on "Backchat" re Action Agenda on Five Year Plan
RTHK, 16-Jan-2007
Sino Golf drives 36pc as Webb festive pick
HK Standard, 5-Dec-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re PCCW
RTHK, 4-Dec-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re taxi pricing & licensing
RTHK, 29-Nov-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re Competition Law consultation
RTHK, 10-Nov-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re kickbacks and self-regulation in the medical sector
RTHK, 27-Oct-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re Government Intervention
RTHK, 20-Sep-2006
Webb reappointed to SFC Public Shareholders Group
SFC, 30-Jun-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re PCCW, MTR/KCR and Open Forum
RTHK, 27-Jun-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re the IPCC data leak, the commodities and property bubbles and open forum
RTHK, 10-Apr-2006
Loh Joins Webb in Run for HKEx Elections
MEDIA RELEASE: Webb-site.com is pleased to announce that Christine Loh, Chief Executive of Civic Exchange, has accepted a nomination to run for election as a director of HKEx, increasing the representation of investor interests on the board of HKEx. (7-Apr-2006)
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 31-Mar-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re MPF
RTHK, 6-Mar-2006
Webb on "Backchat" re West Kowloon single-developer approach being dropped, and the budget
RTHK, 22-Feb-2006
Webb on Backchat re the need for a competition law in HK
RTHK, 17-Nov-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re land sale system in HK
RTHK, 29-Sep-2005
Webb on "Backchat" on opening day of HK Disneyland
RTHK, 12-Sep-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re MPF
RTHK, 23-Aug-2005
Spotlight: A crusader in Hong Kong
International Herald Tribune, 20-Aug-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re G8 meeting, poverty, free trade and climate change
RTHK, 6-Jul-2005
Webb reappointed to SFC Public Shareholders Group
SFC, 30-Jun-2005
The Slippery Slope
Newsweek, 2-May-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re casinos in HK
RTHK, 22-Apr-2005
Legislator escapes probe
HK Standard, 20-Apr-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re the need for a competition law in HK
RTHK, 11-Apr-2005
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 31-Mar-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re the electricity duopoly
RTHK, 2-Feb-2005
Webb on "Backchat" re gambling in HK, the Jockey Club and possible casinos
RTHK, 3-Dec-2004
Webb reappointed to Shareholders Group
SFC, 30-Jun-2004
Slouching dragon
Institutional Investor, 14-May-2004
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 26-Mar-2004
Webb reappointed to Shareholders Group
SFC, 5-Jun-2003
Webb profiled and interviewed on "New Territory", 2003
RTHK, 5-Jun-2003
We are not sure when this progamme was broadcast, but the interview was conducted on 5-Jun-2003 with Paul Gordon. It covers the "Project Poll" campaign for 1-share-1-vote in shareholder meetings, which we eventually won in 2006, abolishing the "show of hands" system, as well as "Project Vampire", the push for pre-emptive rights, still in progress as of 2020.
Shareholder activism Hong Kong style
New Zealand Herald, 21-May-2003
Hong Kong's corporate crusader
International Herald Tribune, 21-May-2003
Webb Takes Governance Fight to Hong Kong Exchange
Bloomberg, 21-May-2003
A Crusader in Hong Kong
BusinessWeek, 19-May-2003
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 28-Apr-2003
Keeping them honest
HK Standard, 17-Apr-2003
Webb gives something back
HK Standard, 17-Apr-2003
HKEx AGM Shake-up
We look back on an eventful evening on the floor of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, as shareholders seized their first chance to shake up the board of HKEx, electing the first investors, including Webb-site.com editor David Webb, to serve on the board, and rejecting 5 out of the 8 broker candidates, 3 of whom were incumbent directors recommended by the board. (16-Apr-2003)
Shareholder activist joins H.K. bourse
International Herald Tribune, 16-Apr-2003
HKEx voting recommendations
The race is on, and we need your help. If you own shares in HKEx, and want a better-run market, then you should elect an HKEx board which for the first time includes investor representatives. Vote for David Webb and Oscar Wong and against the incumbent broker-directors at the AGM. Vote now! We also urge investors to vote against the new issue mandate and support Project Vampire. (28-Mar-2003)
Hong Kong: System under Scrutiny
Asiamoney, 27-Mar-2003
Ex-City man's sights on Hong Kong
London Evening Standard, 19-Mar-2003
Webb running for exchange seat
HK Standard, 19-Mar-2003
Webb-site.com announces the candidacy of David Webb for directorship of HKEx, which is holding its first elections after almost 3 years of listing, or listlessness, depending on your view. Under its unique constitution, only 6 out of 13 directors can ever be elected. This may also be the first time a shareholder has nominated a director at the AGM of a HK-listed company. Please support us, and help make a more representative board at HKEx! (17-Mar-2003)
Webb-site launches Project Poll
Investor Relations magazine, 4-Mar-2003
Where directors write their own paychecks...
Investor Relations magazine, 12-Feb-2003
HKEX listing rules - finally
Investor Relations magazine, 24-Jan-2003
Laissez Regulators
Institutional Investor, 1-Oct-2002
The Foxes Guarding Hong Kong's Hens
BusinessWeek, 26-Aug-2002
Hong Kong's Cautionary Christmas Carol
BusinessWeek, 23-Aug-2002
CFO Magazine names Webb in "Global 100" kingmakers, deal breakers and power brokers that shape finance
CFO Magazine, 28-Jun-2002
SFC formalises Shareholders Group as a standing committee, reconfigures it to represent investor interests
SFC, 12-Jun-2002
Shroff: Hong Kong - No Paragon
Far Eastern Economic Review, 9-May-2002
Webb reappointed to Takeovers and Mergers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 2-May-2002
Hong Kong's Markets Need More Sunshine
BusinessWeek, 1-May-2002
Campaigning in Hong Kong to stop abuses by controlling shareholders
International Herald Tribune, 8-Dec-2001
Fly in the Ointment - David Webb, Hong Kong's champion of shareholder rights
Far Eastern Economic Review, 22-Nov-2001
HAMS endorsement statement
Asiamoney, 1-Sep-2001
HAMS to the Rescue?
Wall Street Journal, 7-Aug-2001
Support HAMS
FinanceAsia, 1-Jul-2001
SFC forms Shareholders Group
SFC, 28-May-2001
Interview: David Webb on HAMS
Investor Relations magazine, 1-May-2001
A New Role for a Hong Kong Gadfly
International Herald Tribune, 7-Apr-2001
Webb appointed to Takeover Panel
The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has announced that Webb-site.com Editor David Webb is among seven new members appointed to the Takeovers and Mergers Panel and the Takeovers Appeal Committee. (6-Apr-2001)
Webb among SFC appointments
South China Morning Post, 6-Apr-2001
SFC Welcomes Appointment of Takeovers Panel and Takeovers Appeal Committee
SFC, 5-Apr-2001
Webb's Hong Kong Crusade
Institutional Investor, 5-Apr-2001
Cyber analyst keeps tabs on slick corporate deals
New Zealand Herald, 16-Sep-2000
Stars of Asia - Opinion Shapers
BusinessWeek, 3-Jul-2000
Li, Webb named to "Asia Stars" List
Internet.com, 23-Jun-2000
Webb of Intrigue
Far Eastern Economic Review, 11-May-2000
Asia Buzz: Hot Property
Time, 13-Apr-2000
Name for all fames
Digital Asset, 1-Apr-2000
Young maverick attacks Hong Kong share mania
Times, UK, 27-Feb-2000
Raise the Red Flag
Asiaweek, 25-Feb-2000
Webb cites dickens of hurry over Tom
South China Morning Post, 23-Feb-2000
Tech: Geniuses Need Not Apply
Time, 8-Dec-1999
Webb on RTHK 3 re the launch of GEM
RTHK, 23-Nov-1999
Website Webb the market scourge
HK Standard, 3-Oct-1999
SEHK hit over data access
HK Standard, 20-Sep-1999
Former investment banker calls for central information warehouse for listed firms.
Lane Crawford gets nod to go private
South China Morning Post, 13-Jul-1999
Webb clears way for Lane Crawford privatisation
HK Standard, 15-Jun-1999
Key group of shareholders to abstain
South China Morning Post, 15-Jun-1999
Wheelock lifts Lane Crawford bid on hostility
South China Morning Post, 14-Jun-1999
Starion wins 1985 "Best Shoot em Up" readers award
AmTix, 1-Apr-1986
David Webb's "Starion" (Amstrad version) reviewed
Amstrad Action, 1-Nov-1985
"The graphics really are stunning - it's just about the best version of space I've seen on any computer, let alone the Amstrad..."
David Webb's "Starion" (Amstrad version) reviewed
AmTix, 1-Nov-1985
"Starion on the Amstrad certainly is wonderful. The vector graphics are just amazing and are the best I've seen to date..."
Starion (Amstrad version) reviewed
Computer Gamer, 1-Nov-1985
Starion reviewed
ZX Computing, 1-Aug-1985
David Webb's "Starion" reviewed
Your Spectrum, 1-Jun-1985
"Now let's have a look at the devious ways this programmer's mind works..."
David Webb's "Starion" (Sinclair Spectrum version) reviewed
Crash Magazine, 1-May-1985
"Words cannot describe the immense realism that the graphics manage to portray..."

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