Sunshine 100 China Holdings Ltd 陽光100中國控股有限公司

Concentration warning in Sunshine 100 (2608)
SFC, 16-Jun-2020
The top 20 holders have 96.95%.
Sunshine 100 (2608) controller pledges 324.335m shares (12.42%) to Huarong Int Fin (0993)
Disclosure of interest, 28-Dec-2017
This comes on the day of completion of Huarong's subscription for 9% of the enlarged share capital, in which the controller guaranteed a 21% return in 3 years, so it may be security for that obligation, or they may have borrowed against the shares.
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes HK$729m for 235.055m shares (9%) of Sunshine 100 (2608)Sunshine 100 announcement
Company announcement, 18-Dec-2017
Joywise Holdings Ltd, the controller of Sunshine will, for 6 months ending 3 years after completion, compensate Huarong for any shortfall in net disposal proceeds below a 21% return on the investment including distributions received. The subscription price of $3.10 implies a compensation if the disposal price does not reach $3.76.
Concentration warning in Sunshine 100 (2608)
SFC, 22-Jul-2014

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