Huarong International Financial Holdings Limited 華融國際金融控股有限公司

The Huarong-CMB network: 26 stocks not to own
In our first circuit diagram since the infamous Enigma Network, we examine the overlapping networks, bubbles and funding surrounding 26 HK-listed companies that your portfolio would probably do better without. (19-Oct-2018)
Huarong and China Singyes Solar Technologies (0750)
CSST, now suspended pending disclosure of its financial position, has failed to disclose in its reports the interest of Huarong Int Fin (0993), which claims to have a 15.09% interest, including 8.04% purchased from an unknown vendor in Dec-2017 and security over a further 7.05% pledged to it, presumably to secure a put option that it claims to have been granted. By whom? (18-Oct-2018)
Lai Xiaomin, ex-Chairman of Huarong (2799) expelled from Party (in Chinese only)
CCP Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, 15-Oct-2018
Next comes the formality of prosecution.
Huarong and the Chung Nam Network
Webb-site can reveal another SFC investigation underway involving dealings in Pak Wing (8316). The manipulation of this GEM bubble reveals another connection between China Huarong (2799) and what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The more we scrutinise Huarong, the worse it looks. Will the State end up bailing out the bailer? (3-Oct-2018)
Shanghai Huaxin Group (HongKong) Ltd ordered wound up
HK Court of First Instance, 3-Sep-2018
Also known as Huaxin Hong Kong, this is a 100% subsidiary of CEFC Shanghai International Group Ltd (Huaxin Shanghai), which has defaulted on its bonds. Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribed HK$900m for preferred shares of Huaxin HK in Jun-2017, and received guarantees and put options from Huaxin Shanghai, on which it has also defaulted.
Listing Committee censures Ms Zhou Bao Ying, ex-Huarong International (0993)
SEHK, 14-Jun-2018
For failing to cooperate with an investigation.
China Huarong (2799) Chairman quits for "personal reason"
Company announcement, 20-Apr-2018
Mr Lai Xiaomin is under investigation for corruption - surely that is a reason worth mentioning?
Censure of Mr Fu Jiwen, absent former ED of Huarong Int Fin (0993)
SEHK, 3-Apr-2018
He was an ED until 2-Sep-2015. Subsequently, he failed to respond to investigation enquiries by the Listing Department of the Stock Exchange. It's another demonstration that the Exchange is an ineffective regulator - it is a for-profit company without statutory investigative powers. The listing regulatory function should be moved to the SFC, which could then at least seek co-operation from its mainland counterpart.
Sunshine 100 (2608) controller pledges 324.335m shares (12.42%) to Huarong Int Fin (0993)
Disclosure of interest, 28-Dec-2017
This comes on the day of completion of Huarong's subscription for 9% of the enlarged share capital, in which the controller guaranteed a 21% return in 3 years, so it may be security for that obligation, or they may have borrowed against the shares.
China Sandi (0910) controller pledges 625m shares (14.01%) to Huarong Int Fin (0993)Huarong filing
Disclosure of interest, 27-Dec-2017
This comes after Huarong bought 312.5m unlisted warrants from Kong LingLing at $0.06 per warrant, which it exercised at $0.24 per share on 22-Dec-2017. Huarong now also has a short interest in the same number of shares, suggesting that the controller has granted a put option and posted 625m shares as security for its obligations. Kong LingLing purchased the warrants on 24-Jan-2017 from CCB (0939) at $0.015 per warrant.
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes HK$729m for 235.055m shares (9%) of Sunshine 100 (2608)Sunshine 100 announcement
Company announcement, 18-Dec-2017
Joywise Holdings Ltd, the controller of Sunshine will, for 6 months ending 3 years after completion, compensate Huarong for any shortfall in net disposal proceeds below a 21% return on the investment including distributions received. The subscription price of $3.10 implies a compensation if the disposal price does not reach $3.76.
Huarong Intl (0993) subscribes HK$800m convertible bond of China First Capital (1269)CFC announcement
Company announcement, 4-Dec-2017
Huarong International's 100% subsidiary, Huarong International Securities, gets a 4.5% arrangement fee on the 2-year, 7% bonds. Mr Tang Mingyang, an ED of CFCG, has guaranteed the bonds and pledged his 16.84% shareholding as security. He and CFCG have an obligation to top up the security if the share price drops below a certain level causing the loan-to-value ratio to rise above 50%, failing which, the bonds can be redeemed.
Huarong Intl (0993) lends HK$800m to controller of China Goldjoy (1282) secured on 28.44% stake
Company announcement, 8-Nov-2017
The Borrower, Tinmark Development Ltd, is owned by Mr Yao Jianhui, who must be the "Personal Guarantor". He is the Chairman and controlling shareholder of China Goldjoy. In October, Tinmark pledged 1.9bn shares (8.57%) to Huarong Investment (2277). Both the Huarongs are subsidiaries of China Huarong Asset Management (2799).
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes HK$900m preferred shares in Shanghai Huaxin Group (HK) Ltd
Company announcement, 9-Jun-2017
There are various put options provided by its PRC 100% parent, CEFC Shanghai International Group Ltd, in the event that Huaxin HK does not get a listing on a recognised stock exchange (including SEHK main board) by 2020. The announcement doesn't say what percentage of the equity of Huaxin HK the preferred shares represent.
Huarong Int Fin (0993) invests HK$1.56bn into funds managed by China HKBridge (2323) and lends it HK$450mHKBridge announcement
Company announcement, 15-May-2017
2 funds will be established, each with HK$1bn, of which HIF will inject HK$780m and HKBridge $220m. So the loan to HKBridge is enough to fund its entire HK$440m contribution.
Simsen Capital Finance Ltd v Jiang Quanlong, Chairman of China Rare Earth (0769) and Pan Asia Environmental Protection (0556)Loan announcement
HK Court of First Instance, 16-Mar-2017
The defence case involves a tale of Macau gambling debts and the people behind Imperial Pacific (1076). The original loan was announced by Simsen (now Huarong International Financial Holdings Ltd) on 27-Jun-2014, but it did not disclose the borrower. The plaintiff's application for summary judgment in the amount of HK$212m is dismissed. The court rules that there is a triable issue as to whether the loan is enforcable.
Huarong Int Fin (0993) lends up to US$65m to Feng Di companies
Company announcement, 30-Dec-2016
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes US$80m loan notes of Logan Property (3380)
Company announcement, 22-Dec-2016
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes US$87m of preference shares (4609.HK) in China Minsheng Bank (1988.HK)
Company announcement, 8-Dec-2016
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes US$80m bonds of Country Garden (2007)
Company announcement, 8-Dec-2016
Huarong Int Fin (0993) lends up to HK$500m to Eagle Shine Enterprises Ltd
Company announcement, 7-Dec-2016
The borrower is ultimately owned by Mr Jia Tianjiang.
Huarong Intl (0993) to lend HK$200m and subscribe HK$100m convertible bond in SMI Culture (2366)SMI Culture announcement
Company announcement, 9-Aug-2016
China Inno Fin (0412) belatedly details investments at 31-Mar-2016
Company announcement, 13-Jul-2016
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to SEHK. The firm held 9.95% of China Smarter Energy (1004), 4.49% of Huarong (0993) and 1.34% of Carnival (0996), as well as having sunk HK$340.8m into Joint Global Ltd, the newest unlisted hub in what we call the "Chung Nam Network". It provides no details of this significant investment, which in our view should have been announced when made.
Credit China (8207) issues HK$1bn of CBs including $500m to Huarong Intl (0993)Huarong announcement
Company announcement, 9-May-2016
Mayer Holdings Ltd v Make Success Ltd & others
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Apr-2012
King Stone Energy (0663): Re Zhao Ming & Zhu Liping
Company announcement, 7-Mar-2012
Raking muck, Part 3
We now connect Joseph Lau to Executive Talent, and focus on a series of dubious transactions by Hycomm and the bubble in its stock while it did the coal mine hokey cokey, from which bubble Joseph Lau has profited hugely. We also look at the creation of Inno-Tech and the youngest infant mortality on GEM, Codebank. (5-Mar-2012)
Simsen (0993) sells Mayer $300m promissory note to Lee Yuk Lun for $10m
Company announcement, 13-Feb-2012
The promissory note was part of the security for a loan amount of $76m, of which $50m was syndicated to China Properties Inv (0736). Lee Yuk Lun is Chairman and CEO of Rising Development (1004).
China Properties Inv (0736) intends to consent to sale of Mayer (1116) promissory notes by Simsen (0993) in Make Success loan
Company announcement, 2-Feb-2012
Mayer (1116) sues Zhang Xinyu's Make Success Ltd alleging misrepresentation
Company announcement, 16-Jan-2012
China Properties Inv (0736) lends HK$50m to Make Success Ltd via Simsen (0993)
Company announcement, 28-Jul-2011
CPI gets 18% p.a. - but we know from previous announcements that Power Alliance gets 23% and Simsen Capital Finance gets 24% p.a. This announcement doesn't mention what the security is: the Simsen announcement of 7-Jun-2011 will tell you: promissory notes and convertibles issued by Mayer (1116) in in acquisition.
Simsen (0993) lends HK$76m to Zhang Xinyu's Make Success Ltd
Company announcement, 7-Jun-2011
At 24% p.a., secured by HK$300m of promissory notes and $90m of convertible notes which were issued by Mayer Holdings Ltd (1116) in an acquisition. $28m of this loan is passed to Power Alliance Ltd at 23% p.a.,
Simsen (0993) sells 49% of Sun Finance Co Ltd to Checkmate Advisors LtdClarification
Company announcement, 18-Aug-2010
The purchaser's owner is not disclosed, but as of 12-Sep-2011 (about a year later) it was Mr Chui Bing Sun, Chairman of Sage International Group Ltd (8082). The address of the purchaser is the same address as Sage.
Simsen (0993) sells Cheung's Gold Traders Ltd, for HK$5m, Head & Shoulders Securities Ltd for HK$31m
Company announcement, 2-Dec-2009
The buyer of Head & Shoulders Securities is 70% owned by Haywood Cheung and 30% jointly-owned by Maggie Cheung Fung Kuen & Stanley Choi Chiu Fai.
Simsen (0993) buys 60% of Head & Shoulders Securities for HK$90m
Company announcement, 19-Dec-2007
Satisfied in shares @$0.355. Of the 60%, 52% is sold by Maggie Cheung Fung Kuen (whose investment cost was $17m) and 8% by Mr Lam Tung Woo, a Responsible Officer of the brokerage.
Simsen (0993): breach of Listing Rules: unapproved financial assistance to Chairman
Company announcement, 11-Sep-2007
Simsen (0993) buys 40% of Head & Shoulders Securities from Maggie Cheung Fung Kuen for HK$16mCircular
Company announcement, 8-Mar-2007
Of which HK$3m in cash, $13m in shares @$0.1275.
Breach of Listing Rules
Company announcement, 6-Oct-2006
SFC reprimands and fines Cheung's Securities Brokers Ltd for internal control failures and suspends Lun Han Yuk for breaching the client money rules
SFC, 1-Sep-2005
SFC prosecutes Lee Fung Hong (Cheung's) Forex Dealers Ltd & Peter Luk Hon Sum for disclosure of interests offences
SFC, 14-Apr-2005
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 28-Aug-2003
SFC reprimands Cheung's Securities Brokers Ltd, Mr Haywood Cheung, Ms Lun Han Yuk & Lee Fung Hong (International) Futures Ltd
SFC, 26-Apr-2000
SFC reprimands Mr Marco Ng Shek Kwong for unregistered dealing
SFC, 26-Apr-2000
SFC reprimands Mr Kong Wai Man
SFC, 26-Apr-2000
SFC prosecutes Mr Ng Shek Kwong & Mr Kong Wai Man
SFC, 21-Dec-1998
SFC prosecutes unregistered dealers
SFC, 11-Dec-1998

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