Ewan Quayle Launder v HKSAR: costs
HK Court of Final Appeal, 21-Mar-2002
20-year battle is over
HK Standard, 14-Dec-2001
Launder conviction quashed
HK Standard, 14-Dec-2001
Ewan Quayle Launder v HKSAR
HK Court of Final Appeal, 13-Dec-2001
Ewan Quayle Launder v HKSAR
HK Court of Final Appeal, 26-Jul-2001
HKSAR v Ewan Quayle Launder
HK Court of Appeal, 8-May-2001
HKSAR v Ewan Quayle Launder
HK Court of Appeal, 19-Mar-2001
Banker appeals against conviction
HK Standard, 14-Feb-2001
Disgraced banker is denied bail
HK Standard, 16-Dec-2000
Launder appeal judge bows out
HK Standard, 9-Nov-2000
'Crime thriller' ends with Launder inside
HK Standard, 8-Apr-2000
Crestfallen Launder gets five years for corruption
HK Standard, 8-Apr-2000
Bad health claim halts sentencing
HK Standard, 28-Mar-2000
Tan loomed large in trial
HK Standard, 26-Mar-2000
From manor splendour to jail
HK Standard, 26-Mar-2000
Unlucky 13 comes up in tense climax
HK Standard, 26-Mar-2000
Launder convicted on one charge, 12 thrown out
HK Standard, 26-Mar-2000
Jury sleeps for second night on Launder case
HK Standard, 25-Mar-2000
$44 million 'could be bribe or investment'
HK Standard, 23-Mar-2000
Juror dismissed in bribery trial
HK Standard, 12-Feb-2000
Judge tears strip off reluctant jury pair
HK Standard, 11-Feb-2000
Police probe pay-cut threat to juror
South China Morning Post, 10-Feb-2000
Jury poised to retire to decide Launder's fate in graft hearing
South China Morning Post, 11-Jun-1999
No such thing as guilt by association, judge tells the jury in Launder trial
South China Morning Post, 10-Jun-1999
Case for Launder heard
South China Morning Post, 4-Jun-1999
$4.5m coffee shop 'sweetener' denied
HK Standard, 4-Jun-1999
Launder trial to aim for early end
South China Morning Post, 29-May-1999
Launder passed on Tan 'gift'
South China Morning Post, 14-May-1999
Launder court told of Panama links
HK Standard, 6-May-1999
Launder placed millions for 'overseas interests'
South China Morning Post, 4-May-1999
Issuing of loans beyond Launder
South China Morning Post, 24-Apr-1999
Witness details Wardley loans
South China Morning Post, 21-Apr-1999
Banker denies receiving $44m in `sweeteners'
HK Standard, 20-Apr-1999
Launder trial delayed while defence digests new material
South China Morning Post, 30-Mar-1999
Launder trial may last eight weeks
South China Morning Post, 29-Mar-1999
Launder judge says no to evidence role
HK Standard, 2-Mar-1999
Launder bail earns interest after cut
South China Morning Post, 11-Dec-1998

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