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HKICPA fines Andrew David Ross, Fok Wai Ming & Baker Tilly HK$450k over Code Agriculture (8153) audit
HKICPA, 2-Aug-2018
HKICPA fines Baker Tilly and Mr Au Yiu Kwan over 2006 Egana auditOur article, 26-Jul-2007
HKICPA, 27-Jun-2018
At last, 11 years after Webb-site blew the whistle on the Egana fraud in our article of 26-Jul-2007, Baker Tilly and its former director get a slap on the wrist and fines of HK$250k and HK$100k respectively for their duff audit. BT even tries to claim that it wasn't responsible for its directors' failings. The audit fee for that year alone was HK$1.47m, far more than the fines. Egana had a market value of HK$7.76bn (US$1bn) on the day of our article, all of which was lost in the collapse.
HKICPA fines Baker Tilly HK, Andrew David Ross & Fok Wai Ming
HKICPA, 12-Feb-2018
For failings in the 2008 and 2009 audit of Century Ginwa Retail (0162).
HKICPA sanctions Baker Tilly HK, Andrew David Ross and Helena Kwok Lai Ha
HKICPA, 25-Jan-2018
For failing to identify material transactions between US-listed China North East Petroleum Holdings Ltd and its directors as related party transactions. This is a follow-on action from the US PCAOB and SEC, which sanctioned the trio 3 years ago. The HKICPA Disciplinary Committee rejected the respondents' application for anonymity.
Andrew Left and the right to be wrong
We take a close look at the Market Misconduct Tribunal's report on Mr Left's erroneous criticism of China Evergrande (3333), and what that says about free speech amongst participants in the HK market. (23-Oct-2016)
SEC sanctions Baker Tilly HK, Andrew David Ross and Helena Kwok Lai Ha
US SEC, 17-Dec-2014
Paul Chan Cheuk Chi v HKICPA
HK Court of Appeal, 8-Feb-2013
HKICPA disciplines Paul Chan Cheuk ChiReasons
HKICPA, 24-Feb-2012
The unnamed finance director (actually, manager) is Steve Lam Sing Keung and his unnamed employer was PCCW Ltd (0008). The unnamed corporate practice of which Paul Chan Cheuk Chi was a director is Baker Tilly Hong Kong Ltd. The bogus debit note was to cover the cost of "employing" Lam's girlfriend so that she could get a work visa in HK.
Investigation report by Audit Investigation BoardFRC press release
Financial Reporting Council, 17-Mar-2011
The facts in this document are consistent with the listing document for Asian Citrus (0073), including the fact that it was not a prospectus, because no shares were issued in connection with the listing. Notably in para 3.6.4 the listco denies any duty of care to the existing public and claims that investors should not rely on the Listing Document. The AIB rules that the Accountants' Report should have adjusted EPS on the face of the income statement for the stock split which occurred after the year end but before the date of the report. The reporting accountant of Asian Citrus was Baker Tilly Hong Kong Ltd.
Screw-up in PetroAsian Energy's attempt to remove auditor
Company announcement, 21-Jun-2010
It will take at least another 3 weeks' notice to convene a new EGM. It seems unlikely that they can get their results audited and announced by 31-Jul. If they fail to do so, then the stock would normally be suspended until the results are published.

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