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China Huarong (2799) increases by 8.58% to 27.99% of Chun Sing (2277)
Company announcement, 26-Jul-2016
From matching disclosures of interests, we see that Huarong bought the 106m shares from Anthony Yeung Chun Wai, Chairman of Chun Sing, at $1.31 per share on 20-Jul. 5 days earlier, Mr Yeung purchased 106.08m shares at $0.97, the same day that the founders sold their remaining 332.5m shares at $0.954.
Chun Sing (2277) controller sells 200m shares (19.42%) for HK$240mDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 28-Apr-2016
They don't say who owns the BVI buyer, but a subsequent disclosure of interest shows that it is owned by Anthony Yeung Chun Wai. This cuts the founders' stake to 32.28%. They borrowed HK$250m from Kingston Finance Ltd 16 days earlier.
Chun Sing (2277) controller borrows HK$250m against 51.7% stakeDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 12-Apr-2016
They don't say from whom, but a subsequent disclosure of interest shows that the lender is Kingston Finance Ltd, which is 80% owned by Pollyanna Chu Lee Yuet Wah.
Chun Sing (2277) controller sells 180m shares (17.48%) @$1CCASS changes 28-Aug to 7-Sep
Company announcement, 28-Aug-2015
The shares were deposited into CCASS from 31-Aug to 4-Sep: on 31-Aug, 45m into Capitec Securities. On 1-Sep, 85m into Sino Wealth (35m), Supreme China (30m), RHB (15m) and Kingston (5m). On 2-Sep, 30m into China Times, and on 4-Sep, 20m were deposited amid a bunch of net moves from Capitec, Sino Wealth, China Times and Supreme China to Kingston and SHK Investment Services. Finally on 7-Sep, 41m shares moved to CITIC Securities from RHB (15m) and Supreme China (26m).
Chun Sing (2277) controller sells 60m shares (5.83%) @$1.3838CCASS movement
Company announcement, 30-Jul-2015
That cuts the founders' holding from 75% to 69.17%. The shares moved from the placing agent, Sino Wealth Securities, to CITIC Securities on the settlement date.

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