China prosecutors order arrest of 4 ex-executives at Huarong for bribery
Reuters, 22-Jan-2019
Webb-site notes that 2 of them, Bai Tianhui and Guo Jintong, were successively chairmen at Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Co Ltd (0767) between 7-Sep-2017 and 10-Jul-2018, with Guo taking over from Bai on 2-Feb-2018. The firm is a P2P lending business and is 55% owned by Huarong Financial Services Asset Management L.P., although there is a huge mandatory convertible note held by the person who sold that business to ASPR.
Shanghai Huaxin Group (HongKong) Ltd ordered wound up
HK Court of First Instance, 3-Sep-2018
Also known as Huaxin Hong Kong, this is a 100% subsidiary of CEFC Shanghai International Group Ltd (Huaxin Shanghai), which has defaulted on its bonds. Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribed HK$900m for preferred shares of Huaxin HK in Jun-2017, and received guarantees and put options from Huaxin Shanghai, on which it has also defaulted.
Skyfame (0059) controller pledges 321.86m shares (12.30%) to China Huarong (2799)
Company announcement, 25-Jul-2017
To secure a HK$500m loan to Skyfame.
China Huarong (2799) lends US$300m to 27.99% associate Chun Sing (2277)
Company announcement, 26-Aug-2016
China Huarong (2799) increases by 8.58% to 27.99% of Chun Sing (2277)
Company announcement, 26-Jul-2016
From matching disclosures of interests, we see that Huarong bought the 106m shares from Anthony Yeung Chun Wai, Chairman of Chun Sing, at $1.31 per share on 20-Jul. 5 days earlier, Mr Yeung purchased 106.08m shares at $0.97, the same day that the founders sold their remaining 332.5m shares at $0.954.
Chun Sing (2277): China Huarong International Holdings Ltd buys 240m shares (19.42%)Disclosure of interest
Company announcement, 7-Jun-2016
The announcement comes 11 days after the 27-May transaction. The price is not mentioned, but a disclosure of interest filed on 31-May puts it at $1.31 per share or HK$314.4m. The buyer is a 100% subsidiary of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (2799). There were no disclosures by any sellers.
Emperor Capital (0717) to issue 380m shares @$0.66 to China Huarong Asset Management (2799)
Company announcement, 18-May-2016
This increases Huarong's stake from 4.00% to 9.95%

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