C Y Leung: we're spending HK$20bn and a vast chunk of land on sports instead of housing
HK Government, 15-Oct-2014
Displaying the Government's economic illiteracy, in a prepared speech he says: "if you divide 7 million into 20 billion, even I can come up with a figure of at least three to four thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in Hong Kong". Um no C Y, that's at least $2857, not $4000. Still a waste though. He says they "did consider using the site instead for housing units". But why do that when you can buy election committee votes from the sports sector as well as the construction sector? It's a win-win proposition.
HKSAR v Chan Siu Man
HK Court of Appeal, 28-Sep-2011
HKSAR v Chan Siu Man & Chan Yun To
HK Court of Appeal, 25-Aug-2011
Body-builder Chan Yun To's conviction is quashed, because it had not been shown that he knew the money he paid was a bribe rather than a fine.
Ex-bodybuilding association chairman and athlete jailed for bribery
ICAC, 2-Nov-2010
Ex-bodybuilding association chairman and athlete guilty of bribery
ICAC, 29-Oct-2010
Bodybuilding association chairman faces additional bribery and fraud charges
ICAC, 28-Dec-2009
LCSD responds to the charge for alleged bribery and subvention fraud against bodybuilding association chairman
HK Government, 19-Aug-2009
Bodybuilding association chairman charged for alleged bribery and subvention fraud
ICAC, 19-Aug-2009

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