A sordid electoral affair
The HK Government, via its Electoral Affairs Commission, has tarnished HK's reputation for free and fair geographic elections for half of its Legislative Council, just to exclude a few candidates who were previously on the political fringe. There is nothing inconsistent between pledging to uphold the constitution and seeking to change it, and the Government now risks the courts overturning the election results. We also explain the fragmentation caused by HK's version of the party list system which has now reached epic proportions. (17-Aug-2016)
Edward Leung Tin Kei v Electoral Affairs Commission
HK Court of First Instance, 27-Jul-2016
Complaint to the Ombudsman
Webb-site.com editor David Webb has filed this complaint with the Ombudsman regarding the black-out of addresses of individual election donors, which makes it impossible to identify many of them by their incomplete or non-unique names alone. (8-May-2007)

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