HKSAR Legislative Council 香港特別行政區立法會

Six in 2016 LegCo Election bribery and vote-rigging case have sentences increased up to 23 months' jail after review
ICAC, 20-May-2022
Censure/criticism of Prosper One (1470) and 9 directorsAnnouncement, 23-Jul-2019
SEHK, 18-May-2022
We note that INED Michael Lee Chun Keung is a HK Legislator and Vice Chairperson of the Liberal Party, while former INED Michael Chan Yee Ping is still an INED of 4 other companies which should consider whether to retain him.
11 jailed for bribery and vote-rigging in ITFC of 2016 LegCo Election
ICAC, 22-Oct-2021
4 guilty of bribes-for-votes in IT Functional Constituency at 2016 LegCo Election
ICAC, 15-Sep-2021
Government misled LegCo over COVID-19 broker handout
Applying to the Finance Committee, the Government made claims which it knew or should have known were false and misleading. It was either lying or reckless. Webb-site tells you the truth. (1-May-2020)
HK employers must eat this free lunch
An economically illiterate leadership has decided to spray HK$80bn at HK's economy, benefitting employers who had no intention of making lay-offs, by paying the firms up to HK$54k per job. Some firms have even prospered during COVID-19. It's a wasteful way to return hoarded reserves to the economy, but all companies now have a legal duty to shareholders to eat this free lunch. They should resist any Government pressure to not collect it. (9-Apr-2020)
24 legislators v CE in Council & others
HK Court of Appeal, 9-Apr-2020
The CA overturns the CFI and rules that the Emergency Regulations Ordinance is constitutional. It also rules that the anti-mask regulation made under the ERO is constitutional for unauthorized assemblies, but it upholds the CFI's ruling that the regulation is unconstitutional in the case of authorized meetings and marches. We expect both sides to go to the Court of Final Appeal.
Getting to 601: How Beijing controls the HK Chief Executive election
Carrie Lam continues to peddle the lie that the Chief Executive Election Committee is "broadly representative", often unchallenged by foreign media. We explain exactly how it is rigged, and how with enough political courage, she could unrig it and introduce democracy through local legislation, without Beijing's approval. (28-Jan-2020)
Webb on 'Backchat' re land, housing and Disneyland
RTHK, 8-Jan-2020
HK's richest family urges Govt to help its hotels
Bloomberg, 16-Dec-2019
"We really need it" says Adam Kwok, son of convicted felon Thomas Kwok. What we really need is for tycoons like him to give up corporate voting for seats in the Functional Constituencies and Election Committee - including hotels, real estate and transport, all of which have corporate voters controlled by his family. 1 worker, 1 vote. This simple step would democratise HK.
24 legislators v CE in Council & others
HK Court of Appeal, 10-Dec-2019
The court refuses the Government's applications for a Temporary Validity Order for the anti-mask law or a Temporary Suspension Order of the Court of First Instance judgment that the ERO (in cases of public danger) and most of the PFCR (even if passed by LegCo) are unconstitutional. The substantive appeal will be heard on 9-10 January 2020.
24 legislators v CE in Council & others
HK Court of First Instance, 22-Nov-2019
The judges decline to grant a Temporary Validity Order or a Suspension Order, but grant A 7-day interim suspension order to give time for the respondents to apply to the Court of Appeal for interim relief.
24 legislators v CE in Council & others
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Nov-2019
Justices Anderson Chow and Godfrey Lam rule that the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, in cases of public danger, is unconstitutional; the CE cannot bypass LegCo and make laws on her own. They also rule that the anti-mask law, even if passed by LegCo, would be unconstitutional except for the subsection outlawing masks in unlawful assemblies.
Central govt plans to 'improve' CE election system
RTHK, 1-Nov-2019
Good. Start by replacing corporate voting with one vote per job, then reallocate the Election Committee sub-sector seats proportionate to registered voters. Voila - a democratic committee! All doable in HK law, no need for NPCSC approval. Do the same for LegCo Functional Constituencies. Or by "improve" do you mean "tighten control over"?
Does your candidate live where you do?
A knee-jerk amendment to the laws on nomination of DC and LegCo candidates goes too far by removing your right to know whether the candidate even lives in your constituency and/or District. We call on LegCo to amend the subsidiary legislation. (18-Oct-2019)
24 legislators v CE in Council & others
HK Court of First Instance, 8-Oct-2019
Justice Godfrey Lam declines to grant an interim injunction against the Prohibition of Face Coverings Regulation issued by CE Carrie Lam under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance.
New World (0017) to donate 3m sq ft of land
RTHK, 25-Sep-2019
There was no mention of a farmland giveaway in today's annual results. Having bought the land with shareholders' money, the directors should explain how giving it away enhances shareholder value. If it doesn't, that's a breach of fiduciary duty. What do they expect the company to gain in return? Is this just a kowtow to deter further government intervention, or to get permission to develop better land? Why not instead support abolition of corporate voting for the CE Election Committee and Legislative Council? No, that would be too much!
Beijing berates Li Ka-shing over protest commentsCorporate voting
RTHK, 13-Sep-2019
Perhaps now he would give up his numerous corporate votes in the small-circle constituencies of the Election Committee and LegCo and support One Worker, One Vote for those seats instead? That would be an olive branch indeed. And it can all be done in local legislation, as we explained last week.
Activist investor Webb proposes changes for HK's voting system (TV)
Bloomberg, 9-Sep-2019
A curious addition to the Transport Constituency
After yesterday's ICAC allegations of vote-rigging in the I.T. sector, should the Taxi Drivers & Operators Association still be added to the list of Transport sector voters? (6-Sep-2019)
Huge vote-rigging alleged in I.T. Legislative Council seat
ICAC, 5-Sep-2019
Several of the 17 accused are associated with the Taxi Drivers & Operators Association Ltd, not a profession that one normally associates with the adoption of technology or anything other than cash. 4 of the accused are alleged to have arranged 240 voters with false credentials to join the HK branch of IEEE to get the vote.
An investor's vision for the future of HK (podcast)
Bloomberg, 22-Jun-2019
Webb on corporate governance, small caps, the Extradition Bill and the future of HK & China.
Why stock-plunges happen so often in HK
We explain the 20-year history to a statutory loophole which keeps investors in the dark on share pledges. (24-Jan-2019)
Defeated LegCo candidate Leticia Lee See Yin charged with engaging in corrupt conduct over donations
ICAC, 10-Oct-2018
Concerns grow for endangered species at Fanling
The natural habitat of the lesser-spotted Hong Kong golfer is at risk. (26-Sep-2018)
ICAC arrests 72 for alleged vote-rigging in LegCo IT sector
ICAC, 3-Apr-2017
CE & SJ v Yau Wai Ching, Sixtus Leung & LegCo President
HK Court of First Instance, 15-Nov-2016
The summary and judgment in full.
CE & SJ v Yau Wai Ching, Sixtus Leung & LegCo President
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Oct-2016
"there would be significant prejudice caused to the public if Ms Yau and Mr Leung are to be deprived of, in this interim period, to represent their respective electorate in the LegCo" - Justice Thomas Au.
LegCo - who's got religion?
There were 19 oath-taking Christians in last week's LegCo swearing in, 7 non-religious oaths, and 44 affirmations. So who believes in a higher power than Beijing? (16-Oct-2016)
Webb on "Backchat" re Legislative Council elections
RTHK, 2-Sep-2016
Legislator in court over misconduct in public office
ICAC, 24-Jun-2016
ICAC charges Leung Kwok Hung with misconduct in public office
ICAC, 23-Jun-2016
Pro-Beijing group offers HK$50 plan to become LegCo IT sector voters amid ‘vote rigging’ accusations
HK Free Press, 18-Mar-2016
Beijing's 2020 vision for LegCo
In the past few days, it has become clear how Beijing plans to rig the 2020 LegCo elections to claim "universal suffrage" without losing control. This gives even less reason for legislators to approve Beijing's proposal for the 2017 Chief Executive election. (3-Feb-2015)
Ex-legislator Mandy Tam Heung Man charged with bribing electors in failed 2008 bid
ICAC, 27-Oct-2010
Henry Cheng Kar Shun & Stewart Leung Chi Kin v LegCo select committee
HK Court of First Instance, 11-Dec-2009
Henry Cheng Kar Shun & Stewart Leung Chi Kin v LegCo select committee
HK Court of First Instance, 24-Sep-2009
Henry Cheng Kar Shun & Stewart Leung Chi Kin v LegCo select committee
HK Court of First Instance, 6-Aug-2009
Re Henry Cheng Kar Shun & Stewart Leung Chi Kin
HK Court of First Instance, 14-Jul-2009
...and their efforts to avoid the LegCo Select Committee.
LegCo Committee on Members' Interests minutes
HK Legislative Council, 19-Apr-2005
Following a complaint from Webb-site on Philip Wong Yu Hong, the Committee decided that the "Advisory Guidelines on Matters of Ethics" for legislators are unenforcable and that investigating and forming views on the conduct of individual legislators is outside its terms of reference. However, the secretariat was instructed to draft a guideline on requiring that information provided by legislators on their academic qualifications is accurate.
Re Gilbert Leung Kam Ho
HK Court of First Instance, 27-Sep-1994
The Queen v Gilbert Leung Kam Ho
HK Court of Appeal, 20-May-1994

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