ICAC arrests 72 for alleged vote-rigging in LegCo IT sector
ICAC, 3-Apr-2017
Pro-Beijing group offers HK$50 plan to become LegCo IT sector voters amid ‘vote rigging’ accusations
HK Free Press, 18-Mar-2016
Letter and affidavit of Jeremy Godfrey
HK Legislative Council, 30-May-2011
Submission of Jeremy Godfrey to IT & Broadcasting Panel
HK Legislative Council, 27-May-2011
Statement by Jeremy Godfrey, former Government CIO, to LegCo
HK Legislative Council, 18-Apr-2011
Briefing to LegCo on the Internet Learning Support Programme
HK Government, 10-Jan-2011
One wonders how they ensure that the subsidy is actually spent on internet connectivity or computers.

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