Government locks HK into electricity scheme of control until 2034
HK Government, 25-Apr-2017
That's another 15 years without competition in the sector.
An aerial tour of HK's monopolies and anti-competitive practices
The slides from a presentation by Webb-site founder David Webb to the Asian Competition Forum at Polytechnic University this morning. When you get to slide 30, click the box to launch the online video. (9-Dec-2014)
LegCo Question: electricity scheme of control
HK Government, 7-Nov-2012
LegCo question: interim review of the Scheme of Control
HK Government, 17-Oct-2012
LegCo question: Future tariff adjustment rate for CLP
HK Government, 23-May-2012
LegCo question: tariffs of two power companies
HK Government, 23-May-2012
LegCo question: CLP amd Castle Peak Power Company Limited
HK Government, 18-Apr-2012
Hong Kong's electricity tax
The Government and the power companies are playing politics with the tariff, tilting it to tax larger residential consumers in order to subsidize the tariff for smaller ones. We call for a single flat-rate residential tariff and for it to be brought into line with the commercial tariff. Why should people be penalised for living together rather than on separate meters, or for spending more time at home, and why should they pay more than commercial users for the same amount of electricity? (4-Jan-2012)
CLP's small print: tariff rise is 8.4%, rebate is conditional
We look at the detail in CLP's 2012 tariff increase and the corresponding court case which HK Electric won. If CLP does not win its case, or if the amount of refund of Government rates and ground rent is smaller than expected, then the rebate will have to be clawed back in future tariffs. In any case, the rebate will be of limited duration as it relates to a lump sum. (4-Jan-2012)
CLP small print makes rebate conditional; underlying tariff increase is 8.4%
Company web site, 30-Dec-2011
"The actual amount and the eventual time period for this Rent & Rates Special Rebate will be subject to the final resolution of the case". The underlying average tariff rise is 8.4% rather than the 4.9% headlined in the press release. It is unclear whether the tariff rebate will be paid ahead of the resolution of the case, but if it is, and if CLP then loses the case, then the company will be entitled to claw it back in future tariffs. If the rebate lasts 12 months at 3.3 cents on 30.9TWh, then it is worth about $1bn.
HK Electric v Commissioner of Rating and Valuation: CLP applies to intervene...
HK Court of Final Appeal, 8-Mar-2011
...and is rejected.
LegCo question on CLP's proposed offshore wind farm
HK Legislative Council, 20-Jan-2010
LegCo question on HK Electric, CLP generation plans
HK Legislative Council, 13-Jan-2010
CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd v Commissioner for Rating & Valuation
HK Lands Tribunal, 3-Dec-2008
Vampire bites CLP
Investors in CLP have voted by more than 3 to 2 against the issue mandate - so chalk that up as another bite for Project Vampire. (23-Apr-2004)
CITIC Pacific/ CLP AGM Roundup
It was a CITIC Pacific AGM with a few surprises - a Boto (0585) independent director reveals for the first time that he did not regard last year's deal as fair and reasonable - so why didn't he say so at the time? Meanwhile Project Vampire bites, as the public vote, excluding insiders, appears to be against the general mandate by a 55% majority. And we take a brief look at the CLP meeting. (6-May-2003)
CLP voting recommendations
We give you our voting recommendations for the Kowloon and New Territories electricity monopoly, and urge you to vote against the general issue mandate. (6-May-2003)
AGM Results
Company announcement, 5-May-2003
CLP voting recommendations
The 5th AGM in Project Poll is on 5-May-03, and we now produce our voting recommendations. This time there is no problem with the directors, but we urge shareowners to vote against the general mandate. (22-Apr-2003)
China Light & Power Co Ltd v Commissioner for Rating & Valuation
HK Court of Appeal, 15-Feb-1995
"The world of rating appears, to one unfamiliar with the arcana, to be cloud-cuckoo land, a world of virtual unreality from which real cuckoos are excluded..."

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