Concentration warning in Yeebo (0259)
SFC, 17-Sep-2010
Mr Wong Chi Kit & Mr Chan Yuk Fei: suspended jail sentences for manipulating closing price of Yeebo (0259) & China Development (0487) respectively
SFC, 3-Jun-2003
SFC prosecutes Mr Wong Chi Kit, Mr Chan Yuk Fei & Mr Joseph Poon Lak To for manipulating closing prices
SFC, 20-May-2003
HKSAR v Makie Hui Po Yuen
HK Court of Appeal, 28-Mar-2002
Criminal Record
We take a look at the sordid past of LCD maker Yeebo International Holdings Ltd, now under new management. The past presents a case study in criminal fraud and bad internal corporate governance. We also look to the future of the group, which was rescued by a textiles tycoon who last year saw shareholders reject his proposed systems integration investment priced at 59.1x earnings. Now, the company is cashed up with a new industry-related 34.7% shareholder. (27-Aug-2001)
Yeebo holders veto open offer at SGM
Company announcement, 30-Jun-2000
The shares have been trading ex-entitlement since 23-Jun-2000.
Citibank v Makie Hui Po Yuen
HK Court of First Instance, 29-May-1997
National Bank of Canada v Yeebo (0259)
HK Court of First Instance, 26-Feb-1996

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