Qingdao Holdings International Limited

Hycomm Wireless (0499) buys Electronics Tomorrow Property Holdings Ltd
Company announcement, 25-Sep-2013
The owner of the vendor is not disclosed, but we can tell you it is Talent Property Group Ltd (0760) as at 31-Dec-2012.
Raking muck, Part 3
We now connect Joseph Lau to Executive Talent, and focus on a series of dubious transactions by Hycomm and the bubble in its stock while it did the coal mine hokey cokey, from which bubble Joseph Lau has profited hugely. We also look at the creation of Inno-Tech and the youngest infant mortality on GEM, Codebank. (5-Mar-2012)
Hycomm Wireless (0499) lends HK$5m to Hong Kong Finance Co Ltd, owned by Chan Koung Nam & William Chan Kwong Yin
Company announcement, 8-Aug-2011
Concentration warning in HyComm Wireless (0499)
SFC, 27-Sep-2010
Hycomm (0499) sells 60% of Global Edge Technology Ltd to Panaco LtdCircular
Company announcement, 17-Feb-2009
Panaco Ltd is purportedly an independent third party.
Mr Lai Yiu Keung subscribes 135m shares of Inno-Tech @$0.087
Company announcement, 29-Oct-2008
Mr Lai is the Chairman of Hycomm Wireless (0499).
Hycomm Wireless (0499) buys house from Maggie Cheung Fung Kuen & Stanley Choi Chiu Fai
Company announcement, 22-Jul-2008
By buying a BVI company which owns House 26, Las Pinadas, no stamp duty is payable. The house is valued at HK$64m. Net of mortgage, the purchase price is $37m, financed by an open offer at a 35.5% discount. The couple lives in the house and will lease it back.
Hycomm Wireless (0499) buys 5.8% of Tomorrow (0760) from George Chan Yuen Ming for HK$59mCircular
Company announcement, 17-Mar-2008
Satisfied by 590m shares of Hycomm Wireless @$0.10 representing 14.18% of the enlarged company. The vendor also owns HK$50m of convertible notes in Hycomm, but because he hasn't converted, he is not regarded as a connected person under the Listing Rules.
HyComm Wireless (0499) buys 7.5% of Corning Investments Ltd for HK$27mCircular
Company announcement, 28-Aug-2007
Satisfied by 270m shares @$0.10.
Censure of Company, Mr Lai Yiu Keung, Ms Chung Lai Ha, Mr Anthony Kwok Chong and Mr Lai Chi Kin, and Criticism of Mr Tang Xueyi and Mr Cheung Kin Keung
SEHK, 28-Nov-2005
Criticism of Company
SEHK, 31-Aug-2004
Breach of Listing Rules 13.46(2) and 13.49(1)
Company announcement, 12-Aug-2004
Breach of Listing Rules 13.46(2) and 13.49(1)
Company announcement, 27-Jul-2004
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 6-Oct-2003
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 28-Aug-2003
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 31-Jul-2003
Breach of Listing Rule 14.26
Company announcement, 30-Aug-2002
Breach of Listing Rules
Company announcement, 21-Aug-2002
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2002
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 7-Aug-2002
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 29-Jul-2002
Criminal Record
We take a look at the sordid past of LCD maker Yeebo International Holdings Ltd, now under new management. The past presents a case study in criminal fraud and bad internal corporate governance. We also look to the future of the group, which was rescued by a textiles tycoon who last year saw shareholders reject his proposed systems integration investment priced at 59.1x earnings. Now, the company is cashed up with a new industry-related 34.7% shareholder. (27-Aug-2001)
National Bank of Canada v Yeebo (0259)
HK Court of First Instance, 26-Feb-1996

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