Meadville Holdings (BVI) Limited

MMT sanctions Li Yik Shuen for insider dealing in Meadville Holdings Ltd sharesMMT Report
SFC, 3-Feb-2021
MMT finds Li Yik Shuen culpable of insider dealing in Meadville sharesMMT report
SFC, 14-Dec-2020
Tom Tang Chung Yen, former Meadville Chairman and brother of former Chief Secretary Henry Tang, is cleared because the MMT is not satisfied that he intended to tip her off. The appendix (PDF p140) reveals 5 years of delays by the Department of Justice from 2013-2018 before deciding that a criminal prosecution could not be brought.
SFC takes Tom Tang Chung Yen and Li Yik Shuen to MMT, alleges insider dealing
SFC, 16-Sep-2019
Mr Tang, brother of former HK Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying Yen, is alleged to have tipped off Ms Li, with whom he was "in an intimate relationship", about the looming sale of the core business of Meadville Holdings Ltd, a Tang family company. She is alleged to have insider dealt in 2009. The SFC would normally have 6 years to bring a civil claim after it becomes aware of alleged wrong-doing, suggesting that it only uncovered this after Aug-2013.

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