Lunn, Michael Victor 倫明高

MMT fines Magic Holdings International Ltd and directors HK$4m, DQs them for 8-24 monthsMMT report parts 2 & 3
SFC, 11-Mar-2021
The company was taken private in 2014.
MMT sanctions Li Yik Shuen for insider dealing in Meadville Holdings Ltd sharesMMT Report
SFC, 3-Feb-2021
MMT finds Li Yik Shuen culpable of insider dealing in Meadville sharesMMT report
SFC, 14-Dec-2020
Tom Tang Chung Yen, former Meadville Chairman and brother of former Chief Secretary Henry Tang, is cleared because the MMT is not satisfied that he intended to tip her off. The appendix (PDF p140) reveals 5 years of delays by the Department of Justice from 2013-2018 before deciding that a criminal prosecution could not be brought.
A New Ray of light on an Enigma Network case
A decision quietly posted on the SFAT website reveals that Zhou Ling, ex-Chairman of New Ray Medicine (6108) is suspected by the SFC to have committed "misconduct and obtained secret profits from certain transactions" by NRM. Earlier gazetted Restriction Notices on a client at 2 brokers now make sense - the SFC has reduced disclosure in that area so much as to make the publication meaningless. (26-Oct-2020)
Lai Voon Wai, ex-CCB and BOCOM, loses appeal on 5-year ban for IPO sponsor failuresSFAT Determination
SFC, 30-Sep-2020
Neither of the two IPOs proceeded. The SFAT Determination provides interesting insight into events at BOCOM International (3329) before its own listing in 2017.
SFC bans Fabian Shin Yick, ex-CEO of Yi Shun Da Capital, for 20 months over IPO sponsor failuresSFAT Ruling
SFC, 16-Sep-2020
The IPO company is unnamed, but we can tell you it is Imperial Sierra Group Holdings Ltd, as mentioned in a procedural ruling from the SFAT, where YSD is appealing the SFC's decision to fine it HK$4.5m and ban it. Also, barrister Norman Nip's briefing fee is HK$50k. The IPO did not proceed, following a report by "Blazing Research" alleging fraud.
Pang Hon Pan v HK Monetary Authority
SFAT, 14-May-2020
Mr Pang withdraws his appeal against disciplinary action (a suspension of 15 months for not disclosing his brokerage accounts to his then employer, Standard Chartered) and is ordered to pay HK$460k in costs to the HKMA, all of which are fees for barrister Norman Nip.
MMT finds Magic Holdings International Ltd and 5 directors culpable of late disclosure on L'Oreal privatisation bid
SFC, 25-Mar-2020
SFC fines Adamas Asset Management (HK) Ltd HK$2.5m
SFC, 23-Dec-2019
For 339 late or incorrect disclosures of interests in 8 listed stocks.

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