GOME Retail Holdings Limited 國美零售控股有限公司

Why did the Chinese executive disappear? It’s ‘personal’
Bloomberg, 4-Feb-2015
SFC obtains court orders for $420m compensation to GOME (0493) from founder and wife
SFC, 7-May-2014
SFC obtains HK$420m compensation for GOME from former chairman and wife
SFC, 11-Mar-2014
Comment: in the circumstances, this is a good outcome and independent shareholders should vote to ratify the share repurchase so that GOME gets the money. If they don't, then the settlement is off and GOME could still sue the couple, but even if that is successful, the awarded damages are unlikely to be any higher. Mr Wong is presumably still in a mainland prison, having been sentenced to 14 years in 2010, but in the mainland, things are not always what they seem.
High Court varies order against ex-GOME chairman's wife
SFC, 3-Mar-2011
GOME chairman admits: we lied
Electrical retailer GOME, having reached a truce with jailed founder and controlling shareholder Wong Kwong Yu, now puts itself back in the spotlight by Chairman Chen Xiao's confession that it lied to investors in Dec-2008 about the state of affairs of the group. That's a criminal offence. We call on the SFC to investigate. UPDATE: GOME has published a response, which we include with comments. (22-Nov-2010)
Peace breaks out at GOME (493)
Company announcement, 10-Nov-2010
The next stage should be a negotiation for GOME to acquire the remaining stores owned by Mr Wong Kwong Yu at a fair price, eliminating the ongoing connected transactions and conflicts of interests. As Mr Wong’s shares would not be allowed to vote on that, Bain’s representatives should be able to negotiate an acquisition price which they can support as shareholders. Their interest is the same as other shareholders.
GOME shareholders revoke general mandate by 54.6% majority
Company announcement, 28-Sep-2010
Statement from the "Founding Shareholders" of GOME
Take the GM out of GOME
Webb-site looks at the governance battle at GOME (0493), which culminates in an SGM on 28-Sep-2010 for which we give our voting recommendations. We also examine the claims in the SFC's civil action against Wong Kwong Yu. (7-Sep-2010)
Circular to GOME shareholder not filed with HKEx
GOME advert to shareholders, not filed with HKEx
GOME advert to shareholders, not filed with HKEx
Chinese tycoon Huang gets 14 years in prison
China Daily, 19-May-2010
GOME founder jailed and fined record 600m yuan
HK Standard, 19-May-2010
The UURG to Purge
We look at the history of UURG (8192), currently controlled by battle-of-wills feng shui man Tony Chan Chun Chuen, and warn investors about the bubble surrounding the stock, which is trading at 191 times diluted NAV. (25-Sep-2009)
Court continues orders against ex-GOME chairman and wife
SFC, 8-Sep-2009
SFC v Wong Kwong Yu & Du Juan
HK Court of First Instance, 8-Sep-2009
Court grants injunction to freeze assets of ex-GOME chairman and wife
SFC, 7-Aug-2009
Readers can click here for a list of GOME buybacks.
Gome Chairman, CFO under investigation by Beijing PSB for suspected economic crime
Company announcement, 28-Nov-2008
Gome unable to confirm (or deny) the accuracy of allegations against Chairman
Company announcement, 24-Nov-2008
Comment: one of the allegations is that he has been detained. The announcement should have stated whether he was contactable.

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