China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. 中國民生銀行股份有限公司

Minsheng Bank said to be subject of HK regulator warning
Bloomberg, 25-Apr-2019
…as Webb-site said first.
HKMA, SFC announce "serious concerns" about transactions by mainland bank, HK subsidiary
And we think we know who they mean. The facts all point to entities featured in our network diagram last October. (24-Apr-2019)
The Huarong-CMB network: 26 stocks not to own
In our first circuit diagram since the infamous Enigma Network, we examine the overlapping networks, bubbles and funding surrounding 26 HK-listed companies that your portfolio would probably do better without. (19-Oct-2018)
China First Capital (1269) pledges 154.4m shares (4.999%) of Virscend (1565) to CMBC International Holdings Ltd
Disclosure of interest, 29-Jun-2017
The lender is a 100% subsidiary of China Minsheng Bank (1988). The collateral is just below 5%, avoiding a disclosure of security interest by the lender.
China Minsheng Bank (0245) takes over Skyway Securities (1141)
Company announcement, 8-Mar-2017
Skyway is a company in what we call the "Chung Nam Network" (CNN). Also involved as a smaller purchaser and subscriber in this deal is China Huarong Overseas, a 51% subsidiary of China Huarong Asset Management (2799). Skyway will distribute its holdings of 2 other CNN members: 13.56% of China Soft Power Technology (CSPT, 0139) and 4.87% of Future World Financial (0572). CSPT owns 15.43% of Skyway, so it will receive shares in itself.
Huarong Int Fin (0993) subscribes US$87m of preference shares (4609.HK) in China Minsheng Bank (1988.HK)
Company announcement, 8-Dec-2016
Hiding behind the cornerstones
Webb-site reveals that investors who took 31% of a bank IPO had secretly laid off their risk by issuing derivatives to a mainland property developer from the same city, via two HK-listed companies which incidentally are bubble stocks. When we complained, HKEX did not require disclosure of the bank’s identity, thereby preserving the secrecy behind the cornerstone investors which facilitate HKEX’s IPO business. Once again, the regulatory conflict of interest is exposed. (3-Oct-2016)
Why did the Chinese executive disappear? It’s ‘personal’
Bloomberg, 4-Feb-2015
Minsheng Bank (1988): resignation of the President
Company announcement, 1-Feb-2015
No, not Xi Jinping. You wish. Minsheng Bank claims that "to the best of knowledge of the company" its President Mao Xiaofeng has resigned for "personal reasons".
HKEx signs MoU with CCB (0939)
Company media release, 15-Sep-2014
This MoU, for "strategic cooperation" again puts HKEx into a conflict of interest with its role as listing regulator of CCB, as it has done with China Minsheng Banking (1988). The SFC should take over as listing regulator of both banks.
Minsheng tax grab, HKEx conflicts
Minsheng Bank (1988) just grabbed RMB115.6m from H-share holders and paid it to the Government with no good reason. We explain why bonus share issues by PRC issuers are not just silly but damaging to shareholder value. We also look at the conflict of interest for HKEx, which recently signed a strategic MoU with Minsheng and is pursuing relationships with other banks while acting as their listing regulator. The SFC should now take over regulation of these listings, but has declined to do so. (30-Jun-2014)
HKEx (0388) and China Minsheng Bank (1988) sign MOUListing Rules Chapter 38
Company media release, 23-Apr-2014
Comment: now that HKEx is in business with Minsheng Bank (1988), it should stop being the listing regulator of that company and the SFC should take over, under the conflict of interest provisions of Listing Rule 38.16. The SFC is already the listing regulator of HKEx.

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