Capital Union Inc.

Skyway Securities (1141) issues shares to cancel promissory notes
Company announcement, 3-May-2016
Skyway doesn't say who owns the BVI subscriber, Capital Union Inc. The last time the market was told, in 2009, it was controlled by Eugene Chuang Yue Chien. The promissory notes being swapped by Capital Union are the remainder of what was originally issued to the vendors of Skyway Securities Investment Ltd and Skyway Futures Ltd, which Skyway (then known as Mission Capital Holdings Ltd) bought last year.
Mason Financial (0273) to sell 52.69% of Co-Lead Holdings Ltd to Capital Union Inc.Circular
Company announcement, 30-Mar-2016
Mason doesn't say who owns the Purchaser, which it claims is an independent third party. The last time we heard (30-Jan-2009) it was controlled by Eugene Chuang Yue Chien, who is the brother of Henry Chuang Yueheng, who was Chairman of Mason until 1-Aug-2015. Under the Listing Rules, he remains a connected person for 1 year after that, and so does his brother, being his "associate". If the ownership of Capital Union has not changed, then this should be a connected transaction.
Imagi (0585) sells company with uncertain RMB65m bank deposit for HK$25m, will book HK$65m loss
Company announcement, 8-Mar-2016
Imagi is now part of what we call the "Chung Nam Network". It fails to say who owns the buyer, Capital Union Inc., but we know that at 30-Jan-2009, that was owned by Eugene Chuang Yue Chien.
Capital Union Inc. v China Railway Investments Group (Hong Kong) Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 17-Oct-2008

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