Lo, Karen Ki Yan 羅琪茵

Blue River (0498) grants HK$150m loan facility to Green River Associates Ltd
Company announcement, 7-Dec-2022
Can a Cyan River be far away? The announcement reveals that CST (0985) now owns 17.35% of Green River. It was formerly 100% owned by Planetree (0613) which in 2020 sold 60% (now 49.59%) to Alice Yu Man Fung. At the time, Planetree stated that Ms Yu and Karen Lo Ki Yan, controlling shareholder of Planetree, "have known each other for many years".
Blue River (0498) injects HK$44.5m for 25% of Quality World Investments Ltd (BVI)
Company announcement, 16-Sep-2022
The other 75% is owned by Future Master Investments Ltd, ultimately owned 82.19% by Karen Lo Ki Yan and 17.81% by Oshidori (0622). We note that on 18-Jul-2022, Blue River borrowed HK$75m from Imagi Lenders Ltd, which is a non-wholly owned subsidiary of Imagi (0585), which is 21% owned by Oshidori.
Re Allied Weli Development Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 20-Jul-2022
Planetree (0613) part-subsidiary Maxlord Enterprises Ltd lends HK$75m at 4% p.a. to Oshidori (0622) money-lending subsidiary
Company announcement, 31-May-2022
Maxlord is owned 2/3 by Planetree and 1/3 by Blue River (0498). This facility follows an earlier 12-month HK$100m facility on 6-Jan-2022 at the HSBC prime rate. Planetree is 66.87% owned by Future Capital Group Ltd, which was 100% owned by Karen Lo Ki Yan until 17-Feb-2022, when Oshidori agreed to invest HK$750m for a 17.81% stake.
Re Allied Weli Development Ltd
HK Court of Appeal, 13-May-2022
The applications of Eugene Chuang Yue Chien and 5 others to appeal a judgment and order for production of documents and private examination is refused. The liquidators are trying to discover what happened to over HK$2.8bn of net assets in the "impugned transactions". Unfortunately, the judgment to which this refers, [2021] HKCFI 1247, and a decision of that judge also refusing leave to appeal, [2021] HKCFI 2968, are not available.
Planetree (0613) lends HK$85m to Osman Bin Kitchell and $90m to Kenneth Chan Chak Kai
Company announcement, 1-Mar-2022
The lender, Maxlord Enterprises, is 33.33% owned by Blue River (0498) and 66.67% by Planetree, which is 67.22% owned by Karen Lo Ki Yan. On 30-Dec-2021, Mr Kitchell bought 28.53% of Blue River from Oshidori (0622) for HK$160m. He is Chairman of Imagi (0585), which is 21.31% owned by Oshidori. On 17-Feb-2022, Oshidori invested HK$750m in 17.81% of Future Capital Group Ltd, which until then was 100% owned by Ms Lo. Blue River owns 48.23% of Paul Y. Engineering Group Ltd, of which Mr Chan owns 51.76%, including 10% held via Elemet Ltd, as at 4-Nov-2021. Blue River in Dec-2021 terminated a proposed purchase of his total stake in PYE after the Stock Exchange classified it as a Reverse Takeover.
Oshidori (0622) invests HK$750m in 17.81% of Future Capital Ltd
Company announcement, 17-Feb-2022
Prior to this, the target was 100% owned by Karen Lo Ki Yan. It "principally engages in property investments". Oshidori is 19.89% owned by Peak Trust Company - NV of Nevada for "Oshidori Kyushu Children's Trust" and 9.41% by Viola Mak Siu Hang via VMS Investment Group Ltd.
Allied Weli Development Ltd vs Eugene Chuang Yue Chien & 65 others
HK Court of Appeal, 4-Aug-2021
Mr Chuang's application for leave to appeal against the dismissal by the Court of First Instance of his appeal against extension of a writ is dismissed.
Allied Weli Development Ltd vs Eugene Chuang Yue Chien & 65 others
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Mar-2021
Mr Chuang's application for leave to appeal against the extension of an unserved writ is dismissed.
Allied Weli Development Ltd vs Eugene Chuang Yue Chien & 65 others
HK Court of First Instance, 27-Oct-2020
"If the respondents' evidence is taken at face value, none of them has any meaningful information, documents or recollection of what happened to the Company's HK$2.86 billion worth of assets, who was involved and who benefited from the Divesting Transactions - a case of collective amnesia."
Allied Weli Development Ltd vs Eugene Chuang Yue Chien & 65 others
HK Court of First Instance, 25-Aug-2020
"Extraordinarily, the Liquidators were denied access to any books and records of the Company upon their appointment. They were even refused entry to the Company’s premises and escorted away by security guards…"
CEGFL (0379) - additional disclosure on Simagi Finance Co Ltd ownership and directors
Company announcement, 23-Jan-2020
CEGFL also gets a seat on the board of Simagi.
The national investment fund that isn't
A Friday night announcement illustrates all that is wrong with HK's Listing Rules for closed-end funds. (23-Mar-2019)
The Joint Global implosion
A collapse in a hub of the "Chung Nam Network" has wiped about HK$2bn off the balance sheets of at least 11 listed companies, many of which never announced that they had invested in it. We piece together an ugly jigsaw and call on the SFC to investigate and HKEX to wake up and require announcements. (30-Sep-2016)
Mason Financial (0273) to sell 52.69% of Co-Lead Holdings Ltd to Capital Union Inc.Circular
Company announcement, 30-Mar-2016
Mason doesn't say who owns the Purchaser, which it claims is an independent third party. The last time we heard (30-Jan-2009) it was controlled by Eugene Chuang Yue Chien, who is the brother of Henry Chuang Yueheng, who was Chairman of Mason until 1-Aug-2015. Under the Listing Rules, he remains a connected person for 1 year after that, and so does his brother, being his "associate". If the ownership of Capital Union has not changed, then this should be a connected transaction. Update: the circular on 23-Jun-2016 discloses 5 owners with 20% each (including a cousin) and denies any involvement of the brothers. It also reveals that Enerchina (0622) holds 5.44% of Co-Lead. Ristora Investments Ltd (owned by Karen Lo, wife of Eugene Chuang) has acquired West West Ltd (which CSPT (0139) sold to an unnamed party in Sep-2015), holding 5.32% of Co-Lead, and 210 shares (3.69%) once held by National Investments Fund (1227).
Agreement between Hao Tian (0474) and Ristora Investments Ltd dated 22-Jul-2013
Company filing, 2-Jul-2014
This recent filing under the Takeovers Code shows that the director of Ristora was Karen Lo Ki Yan. Ristora sold 45m shares of HEC Capital Ltd to Hao Tian for HK$270m.
China Strategic (0235): proposed acquisition of stakes in Cordoba Homes Ltd
Company announcement, 2-Sep-2013
An initial purchase of 77m shares (20.23%) from HEC Capital Ltd, which owns 100%, with subscription options to reach 51%, in effect a backdoor listing. The filing reveals that Cordoba's stake in Allied Weli Development Ltd (fka Hennabun Capital Group Ltd) valued at HK$1609m, was distributed to HECC in the year to Mar-2013. The stake was 47.96% at last dislcosure, 18-Sep-2012. Top current HECC holders are disclosed. We can add that Ristora is or was owned by Karen Lo Ki Yan and Quinella is or was owned by Lynn Hsieh Cheng Lu. Update: the deal was aborted on 29-Nov-2013.
Hao Tian (0474) buys 45m shares (5.04%) of HEC Capital Ltd from Ristora Investments Ltd for HK$270m
Company announcement, 22-Jul-2013
The vendor's owner is not disclosed, but in a previous filing, as of 15-Jan-2012, it was Karen Lo Ki Yan.
Enerchina (0622) invests HK$300m in 18.01% of Cordoba Homes Ltd
Company announcement, 25-Jan-2011
Before this, Cordoba is owned as follows: 40.71% owned by "a listed company". That is Willie (0273), 17.57% by Hennabun, into which Enerchina has already sunk HK$200m, and 32.94% and 8.78% owned by "two private companies". The last time we heard, those are Ristora Investments and Supreme Castle Investments, owned by Karen Lo Ki Yan and Paul Suen Cho Hung respectively. Enerchina is now firmly part of what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
Willie (0273) sells convertible note in Cordoba Homes Ltd to Paul Suen Cho Hung (fka Sun Wang)
Company announcement, 16-Nov-2010
Willie's subsidiary Cordoba gives Karen Lo Ki Yan another 6.5 months to pay up
Company announcement, 15-Sep-2010
She paid HK$100m on 15-Dec-2009, $50m on 16-Mar-2010 and $30m today. That leaves $275m outstanding, now extended to 31-Mar-2011.
Willie's subsidiary Cordoba gives Karen Lo Ki Yan another 6 months to pay up
Company announcement, 16-Mar-2010
Regarding the HK$450m subscription, the outstanding amount of HK$300m is extended to 16-Sep-2010 in return for a payment of HK$5m.
Willie sells 39.43% of Cordoba Homes Ltd to Karen Lo Ki Yan at HK$90m discountCircular
Company announcement, 2-Oct-2009
Assets include a yacht, artwork, paintings and a 10 carat diamond! According to a circular dated 23-Aug-07, the diamond was purchased from Karen Lo Ki Yan on 23-Apr-07 for $10m.
Willie buys House A, Sunshine Villa from Hero City Trading Ltd for HK$88mCircular
Company announcement, 15-Jun-2007
Note: at the time of this transaction, Hero City was a subsidiary of Hennabun which was controlled by Freeman. On 21-Dec-05, Hennabun acquired Collier Assets Ltd, which owned the house via Apex Novel Ltd, for $49m, being $85m for the house less bank loan of $36m. Collier Assets was formerly owned by Karen Lo Ki Yan.
Heritage "independent shareholders" veto acquisition of House A, Sunshine Villa from Karen Lo Ki Yan by 99.64%
Company announcement, 7-Nov-2005
Heritage conditionally agrees to buy House A, Sunshine Villa from Karen Lo Ki Yan for $73.8m with $35m deposit
Company announcement, 2-Aug-2005
Karen Lo Ki Yan subscribes 9.99% of Heritage for $29.12m
Company announcement, 20-Dec-2004
Radford (0901) ownership investigation results
Company announcement, 27-Apr-2004
Radford (0901) portfolio disclosure and ownership investigation
Company announcement, 29-Oct-2003
The SFC writes: "we note a very close relationship between the shareholders of the Company and its investments". At the suspended price of $1.34, the closed-end investment company was trading at 9.24x its NAV of 30-Sep-2003.
Karen Lo Ki Yan sells 50% of Mainland Talent Developments Ltd to its other shareholder, CindyYau Shum Tek, for HK$35m
Company announcement, 20-Dec-2002
MTD owns 726.918m shares (23.33%) of Hansom Eastern (0279) so the effective price is $0.0241 per Hansom share. On 20-Dec-2002, the stock closed at $0.033. The pair bought the controlling stake in Hansom from ITC Corp (0372) for HK$180m on 10-Nov-2000. There has since been a 2:1 rights issue at $0.10, costing MTD HK$48.5m.
China United to inject HK$75m into Hennabun Management Inc for 25m shares at HK$3/share
Company announcement, 16-May-2001
Another entity, Equity Spin Investments Ltd, has agreed to subscribe 10m shares, purportedly on the same date, at an unspecified price. Later a circular stated that Equity Spin signed up on 27-Mar-2001 and at the 67% higher price of HK$5 per share taking into account "different prevailing factors". There's no evidence of that, because the deal was not announced in March and had not completed by the time it was announced. It later emerged that Equity Spin is owned by Hansom Eastern (0279), the largest shareholder of which is jointly controlled by Karen Lo Ki Yan and Cindy Yau Shum Tek.
Karen Lo Ki Yan and Cindy Yau Shum Tek buy 33.98% of Tung Fong Hung (0279) from ITC (0372) for HK$180m
Company announcement, 10-Nov-2000
The effective price is HK$0.743 per share, a 207% premium to market. The entire board of directors is being replaced, but there will be no general offer as the Takeover offer trigger is 35%, so this is a takeunder. $70m of the payment is deferred for 6 months.

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