China Animal Healthcare Ltd.

Sound Global (0967) accidentally loses financial documents
Company announcement, 19-Jun-2017
How unfortunate. The company says an accident occurred when the documents were being transported to a new file storage facility. The company has been under investigation and suspended by the SFC since Apr-2016. A similar thing happened to China Animal Healthcare (0940) on 4-Dec-2015, while it was suspended and under forensic investigation. A truck loaded with 4 years of financial documents was stolen while the driver was on his lunch break.
China Animal Healthcare (0940): 4 years of accounts stolen during forensic investigation
Company announcement, 28-Dec-2015
A company truck containing the documents was stolen. Apparently the thieves abandoned the truck, which was found 8 days later, but kept the documents. How unfortunate that of all the companies whose documents they could have stolen, they stole one that was about to start a forensic investigation of its accounts. This wins our "the dog ate my homework" award.
Deloitte quits as auditor of China Animal Healthcare (0940)
Company announcement, 29-Sep-2015
Deloitte has alleged misconduct by a company employee and cannot agree with the company on additional audit procedures. But HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng is willing in principle to take them on.
Joseph Liang Hsien Tse quits as INED of China Animal Healthcare (0940)
Company announcement, 30-Jun-2015
"due to a disagreement with the Board which arose because the members of the Board were not able to reach a consensus on the timing of the commencement of the forensic investigation requested by the auditors."
China Animal Healthcare (0940) suspended, results delayed indefinitely
Company announcement, 30-Mar-2015

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